The 15 best apps to learn Latin

The 15 best apps to learn Latin

Apps are already widely used to learn English, French, German, Italian , Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, etc. It is a format that is becoming more and more widespread.

With new technologies, there are no excuses for not learning languages ​​anywhere.
Even if you are on vacation, you can study a little: it is a matter of getting into the daily habit.

The use of mobile phones is increasing, as is the number of applications to learn languages. 

If we use these apps to learn Indo-European languages, why not use them to learn Latin or Classical Greek as well?

Latin apps are great for reviewing before an exam or for doing extra work and earning a high school honors degree. These Apps allow you to review history lessons or learn and practice languages.

The advantages of using an app:

  • You can learn when, where and how you want.
  • Some lessons can be followed without having an internet connection.
  • You can work without pressure.
  • You can study, not only Latin, but also its civilization and its history.

Finally, here is a list of the applications that you can use:

  • Memrise
  • LingQ
  • Latin phrasebook
  • uTalk Classic Learn Latin
  • Latin trainer  (English)
  • Vice verba
  • Lewis & Short Latin Dictionary
  • Habemus ABCDErasme: long live Latin! (in French)

We have already given you many reasons to learn Latin, but there may be many others: improve your level, understand Latin quotes, read the missals, study ecclesiastical literature, know how to translate Latin texts, etc. Whatever it is, don’t miss the opportunity to delve into the study of this wonderful language!

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