Our solutions to learn Latin on the internet

Our solutions to learn Latin on the internet

The Internet is a real gold mine to find free exercises. The websites to learn Latin are quite different, but with most of them you can learn Latin in a fun way.

Today, you can study any subject from your computer.
A pencil, a computer and a piece of paper… you don’t need more to learn vocabulary!

Clearly, at the beginning you will make many mistakes (as always happens when you try to learn a language), but you already know that the best way to learn is by making mistakes.

If you want to do Latin exercises on your computer, all you have to do is search Google and see the first results. However, classical Latin works that are digitized can also be used.

On the internet you can also find the works of Livy, Homer, Phaedrus, Seneca and Cicero. Of course, do not forget the dictionary when you go to read them.

Here you have available the other online tools that we propose to you to learn Latin :

  • Check videos on Youtube.
  • Enroll in a MOOC ( Latin online course ) for beginners.
  • Download a textbook to learn Latin.
  • Buy a digital resource like Rosetta Stone or Assimil.

The advantage of learning Latin online is the fact that you learn from day one as if you were working with a free private tutor.

Self-taught training can take place whenever we want (even more so, if we do it from the tablet or mobile) and it fully adapts to our rhythm.

Likewise, there are mobile applications that make our work easier and do not force us to be chained to the computer. Our solutions to learn Latin on the internet

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