The advantages and disadvantages of being a professional boxer

The advantages and disadvantages of being a professional boxer

The advantages and disadvantages of being a professional boxer

Boxing is a sport that is sometimes ideal for climbing the social ladder, since, as a vector of social ties and professional integration, becoming a professional boxer is a way to earn money while living off art, from noble art.

After a few months of boxing classes: spectacular results!: The advantages and disadvantages of being a professional boxer

Being a boxer has several advantages: being a multimillionaire by being undefeated in the ring, having an athletic body, excellent physical condition, and the ability to hit without recoil. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of professional boxing !

The drawbacks of boxing: The advantages and disadvantages of being a professional boxer

Unfortunately, very few professional boxers can fully live off their gloves, even for a top athlete.
The world of boxing also has many drawbacks:
Little insertion in the «labor market».
Frequent injuries
Very long learning time.
Competitive environment.
Sport subject to financial logic (the goal of the boxer is to increase his earnings as much as possible).
In fact, professional boxers have less protection in the ring than in amateur boxing during bouts. In particular, they do not have shin guards or helmets.
On the other hand, to acquire cardio, endurance, precision, power in punches and kicks, dodge and protect yourself, place your feet well and jump or breathe correctly, a boxer must train for a long time . This means 4 to 5 hours a day, every business day, for several years.
A professional boxer must also run his career as if he were an entrepreneur. You must be able to be independent; After joining your boxing federation and obtaining your professional license, you must find stronger opponents to face in order to increase your earnings.
Most of the time, the boxer collaborates with a promoter (or agent), responsible for organizing meetings with other boxers (sometimes boxing champions), in exchange for a percentage of the profits obtained.
This aspect leads to consider the professional boxer as a rational economic agent, whose blows would be a lucrative activity rather than the fruit of passion …
Anyway, there are also many advantages!

The advantages of boxing

Boxing acts quickly and lastingly on physical and mental health. That is the main advantage of the boxing profession: feeling good with your body and your mind, having confidence in yourself and moving with agility. Just a few boxing classes are enough to make you feel better. Imagine yourself on a professional level …
Boxing is so complete that it allows you to sculpt an athletic body. You only have to look at Google photos of famous boxers, like Mr. Pacquaio or Floyd Mayweather to realize it.
Furthermore, the worldwide reputation of a Spanish champion or a world champion also brings prestige and fortune .
Going to a boxing club regularly offers many advantages:
You develop agility, breathing, endurance.
You improve the cardiovascular system.
You relieve stress.
You have confidence in yourself.
You have a toned body.
But then what do you have to do to be a professional boxer?

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