The criteria to be a professional boxer

The criteria to be a professional boxer

You already know that saying that one day you will be a boxing champion is not enough to become one. There are many criteria to be met, besides effort, to become a professional boxer.
Tobacco: one of the many prohibitions for high-level athletes.
These are the main criteria to be a professional boxer .

Exceptional physical abilities: The criteria to be a professional boxer

In any weight category (featherweight, lightweight, heavyweight, welterweight, etc.), competitors must impose strict high-intensity sports training on themselves, even at the beginner level in amateur boxing : the training is very intense and very thorough.
You should start by joining a boxing club, in which you will show your competitive ambitions to the coach, who, as you progress, will give you approval or disapproval to prepare for a first fight.
Physical preparation involves an intense warm-up (lunges, squats, push-ups, burpees , running), a meticulous technical sequence (punches, hooks, directs, uppercuts , kicks), and intensive muscle development.
You must be able to do several rounds with any type of partner ( sparring partner ) and find your strengths and your own boxing style: power, technique, strategy or speed.

Make yourself known

You need to climb the ladder of amateur boxing before moving on to the professional world.
The first thing you have to do is join a professional boxing association , such as the Spanish Boxing Federation , and obtain a boxing license from the boxing commission where you will fight.
To move to professionalism, you must have carried out, in the amateur field , with a number of victories greater than 50%, 4 fights for light heavy, heavy and super heavy weights, 6 for middle weights and 10 for the other weight categories.
You must also join an international federation, such as the WBA, WBO, IBA, EBU, IBF, etc.
Winning an evening of boxing or the world title in your weight class will undoubtedly be the springboard for other belts!

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