The best places to practice Chinese Language

The best places to practice Chinese Language

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Associations in which to learn Mandarin Chinese
Why choose a Chinese academy
Enroll in Chinese classes at an official language school
The best private Chinese classes
«The truths that we least like to learn are the ones we are most interested in having» – Chinese proverb.
In recent years, learning Chinese in our country has experienced a real boom. The language of Confucius is one of the most widely spoken in the world and, for this reason, there are currently more than 40,000 Spaniards who have decided to learn it, as reported in the Universia news section .
Given this, you may wonder: where can I learn Chinese in Spain? What are the best establishments or what is the most suitable method to learn in a simple and progressive way? In this article we enlighten you with some answers.

Associations in which to learn Mandarin Chinese: The best places to practice Chinese Language

You may be wondering what are the advantages of learning Chinese in an association . Well, as you will see below, associations as a learning environment have many benefits, both in terms of content and activities.
Introductory sessions to Chinese and Chinese characters.
Chinese writing classes.
Ancient Chinese painting courses.
Language courses based on variants of the language, such as Mandarin or Cantonese.
Get a new perspective on China.

Associations generally offer a balance in learning Mandarin, separating:

Private Chinese classes to progress quickly, learn to read and write independently.
Hands-on workshops, generally focused on listening comprehension and conversation classes.
To access the classes of an association, in some cases you have to make monthly payments, in others, yearly. There are also non-profit organizations, so the workshops and classes are free.
If you want to learn Chinese in Spain, you should know that there are a large number of great associations to discover Mandarin, either with a professional perspective or simply to expand borders and acquire new knowledge. These are some of the best-known Chinese associations in the country:
Association of Chinese in Spain (ACHE): it is an association established in 1983 that works to defend the rights of Chinese in Spain, promote friendship between China and Spain and the cultural and commercial exchange of the countries, in addition to helping the Chinese to integrate into Spanish society. In 1996 the Chinese School of Madrid was founded, in which Chinese language and culture classes are taught.
China Cultural Center in Madrid: a non-profit institution attached to the Chinese government to promote cultural exchange between China and Spain. In addition to exhibitions, shows and conferences, they do courses in kung fu, cooking, Chinese language, Chinese protocol, oriental painting, etc.
Cátedra China: an independent non-profit association made up of teachers, businessmen, institutions and groups, both Spanish and Chinese, who want to create collaboration and exchange agreements with other entities interested in studying or carrying out activities on China.
In addition to associations, if you want to learn the Confucian language in Spain, you can opt for language schools , academies or private classes. We examine these solutions below.

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