The best tools to learn economics at home

The best tools to learn economics at home

Of course, there are also many resources for studying economics on your own .

Some of the best ways that you can teach yourself about economic theories and economic principles are:

  • By enrolling in MOOC courses.
  • Following the latest developments in international trade through  the news.
  • By reading  the best-selling economics books, like Freakonomics , which has many inexpensive examples and is available on Amazon.
  • Using the Internet to search for the latest podcasts , YouTube videos, or shows that talk about the  latest trends  in the international economy.

There has been a huge increase in recent years in the amount of tutorials and educational resources that are available online. This means that there has never been a better time to try to learn something new or to better understand a particularly complicated economic issue, be it price elasticity of demand or fiscal policy.

The best thing about learning economics from home is that you can also  set your own hours  to learn. In addition, you can choose to learn through a medium that suits your needs, so if for example you don’t like reading very much, surely there is a video on YouTube that covers the same topics.

Many of the resources you can find online will also be very useful as  real-world examples that you can refer to in an economics essay, a class assignment or homework, or even in your final exams. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you try to improve your knowledge of economics through these resources at home.

Although learning economics at home can be quite easy, there are people who find it difficult to maintain a regular learning pace.  For this reason, it may be convenient to complement any home study with a private economics teacher, such as those available at Superprof.

This is because a private teacher can focus your learning efforts, give you the motivation you need to learn regularly, and also help you improve on specific topics in the lead-up to exams, such as macroeconomic principles or science.  Keynesian theory.

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Choosing a private economics teacher can be difficult. The best tools to learn economics at home

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