The development of a sports session

The development of a sports session

The personal trainer helps you achieve your goals through personalized programs.
In your first meeting, the nutritionist personal trainer will establish a diagnosis of you and your needs, namely:
the sports you have already practiced;
your current sports activity;
what sports do you prefer;
what sports do you hate;
your medical history: pathologies, interventions, injuries, etc .;
your way of life;
and above all, your diet.
It is a necessary evaluation for the construction of nutritional and sports programs and for better personal development as the sessions progress.
Likewise, in the first interview with the coach, a series of physical tests are usually carried out: anthropometric and kineanthropometric studies and body composition studies, as well as a fitness evaluation in order to know your strength and endurance. After all, repeating these tests will illustrate your evolution.

What type of personal trainer are you looking for? : The development of a sports session

At the beginning and at the end of each session, the personal trainer must be able to adapt his programs to you, your physical condition and your health condition. If one day you arrive more tired, you will have to mention it to your coach so that he can update the session a bit. On the other hand, if you progress faster than expected, the coach can propose new goals. Therefore, according to the development of the last class, the next one will be prepared.
You can complete the sessions by suggesting exercises to do at home, in order to continue to adopt these new habits in the long term. You will progress stage by stage, at your own pace, with solid support by your side.
The coach is also the best option for good physical development: he knows the good gestures and good postures to adopt and is a true guide in your activities. You have to make sure of your physical condition and your health in a general way, in order to avoid injuries or loss of strength.
Watch your safety and do not hesitate to turn to a dietitian if necessary, in order to lavish you with the best tips to maintain an ideal weight in the long term.

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