The most famous Chinese monuments

What are the largest cities in China?

The most famous Chinese monuments

During your trip to China, you cannot miss any of these mythical places in the Asian country!
China is full of breathtaking landscapes!
Before spending your stay in China , we recommend that you inform yourself about the various buildings and monuments of the People’s Republic of China . Local people and even Chinese authorities will gladly explain all kinds of  famous anecdotes  about buildings, as studying Chinese monuments is part of Chinese history.

Here is a short, non-exhaustive list of the most beautiful buildings and monuments in China: The most famous Chinese monuments

The Monastery of 1000 Buddhas
The Great Wall of China.
The Summer Palace.
Terracotta Warriors.
The Potala Palace.
The prohibited city.
The Pearl of the East.
Getting to know the many Chinese buildings is a great way to discover both  rural China and urban China.  This country is building new architectural treasures every year to attract many Chinese and international tourists looking to expand their general culture.
What if you take a few minutes to immerse yourself in Asian architecture? We encourage you to sign up for a  Chinese course !

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