The most famous economic theories

The most famous economic theories

Although you may know the greatest economists of all time, the best way to get to know these figures is to understand what their  main economic theories were.

When reading about the  most common economic theories :

  • You will improve your understanding of the main economic figures, such as  Keynes, Friedman  or  Smith.
  • You will become more familiar  with different economic concepts, from laissez-faire economics to game theory.
  • You will understand which schools of thought  economists belong to.

There are economic models and economic concepts that have been around for hundreds of years, one example being  classical economics,  spearheaded by figures like Adam Smith. However, other equally compelling and enduring theories have emerged, such as:

  • The Keynesian economics.
  • Milton Friedman and the theory of  monetarism, which is closely associated with him.
  • The Marxism  and, in particular, Karl Marx’s critique of capitalist economies.

Furthermore, the most recent economic concepts have also gained traction in recent decades. For example,  game theory  and  prospect theory  are still relatively new economic theories. Prospective theory, in particular, has done much to develop our understanding of the field of behavioral economics and challenges the idea that human beings always make rational economic decisions.

economic theories
Keynes, one of the most important economists.

Although not all economic theories agree with each other (Keynes and Friedman are two very famous examples of economists whose  theories sometimes clash  ), it is important to read different and contradictory economic theories.

This will not only help you improve your skills in  economic analysis, but it will also develop your understanding of the field of economics as a whole and of the problems that concern economists today, such as inflation, unemployment or the monetary politics.

In short, if you can research the most famous examples of economic theories, you will be much better prepared for your  exams.

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