The most important discoveries in chemistry

The most important discoveries in chemistry

As we’ve said, everything around us is chemistry, from medicines to the things we use to grow food. But it bears repeating:  everything you touch is the result of a chemical process. 

Let’s take the screen you are reading this article on as an example. What is it made of ? How do you show these words that you are reading now? How could it have ended up being so small compared to the huge television screens we had only a decade ago?

discoveries in the field of chemistry
The mobile phone and the laptop are inventions made possible by chemistry. This is not something that people think about often!

These are questions of chemistry, and the screen you are looking at is made of  chemical compounds that are the result of concrete experiments . You can thank a man named George Gray for inventing this particular technology. His research on chemistry has changed not only the way we read information, but also how we talk to our friends and family, how we buy things, and how we work. None of this would have been possible without Gray’s screen, which allowed us to put computers in our pockets.

From the radioactive elements that treat cancer to the malleable plastic in which we wrap everything, in this link you will find all the details about some of  the scientists who have changed our lives the most and their chemical discoveries .

Fun facts about chemistry: The most important discoveries in chemistry

In closing, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the most amazing facts and facts about chemistry.

Chemistry is much more  than the lesson your teacher gives you in class, much more than the equation and the notation that you have to practice to do your homework.

So you probably won’t be too surprised to learn right now that things like Coke and fireworks are inventions of chemistry (and their stories are pretty amazing !).

But, on the other hand, you may not know that the chemical elements in your body are worth less than a euro , or that with the carbon in your body you can make almost ten thousand pencils!

From bees and wasps to water, chess, and glass, chemistry emerges in some truly amazing places. Find out in our article !

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