The top 10 keyboard shortcuts for Mac

The top 10 keyboard shortcuts for Mac

I have switched from Microsoft to Mac to get rid of the crashes, but obviously I have to get familiar with the new Mac keyboard.

Know the Apple command key.
Who can write the codes to create a web page without using keyboard combinations?

Here are our best Mac shortcuts , which will come in handy if you’re new to the Aple keyboard.

Knowing the command keys on a Mac, in addition to saving you time, also allows if the wireless mouse pointer, the wheel, the trackpad- or touch panel , suddenly do not work.

While you buy another mouse, you can open a file, go to system preferences, the file explorer, print a document, record a word treatment, etc.

We find essentially the same type of keyboard shortcuts as for the Windows PC, but the command will not be exactly the same:

  • Copy, paste: hold down the button Cmd (⌘) + C, then Cmd (⌘) + V (Cmd (⌘) + X to cut),
  • Select all: Cmd + A,
  • Search: to avoid wasting time searching for a keyword, phrase, idea Cmd + F and a dialog box pops up . Ideal for calculating the frequency of a word in a text,
  • Cancel a manipulation: Cmd + Z,
  • Save, so as not to lose your work: Cmd + S, like “save”,
  • Print: Cmd + P, like “print”,
  • Change the colors of the iOS, to save energy: black uses less energy than white by default. To do this, simultaneously press the ctrl + alt + cmd + 8 key,
  • More precision in adjusting the sharpness of the image: Alt + shift + key + or -,
  • Force restart Macbook Pro: Ctrl + cmd + power button,
  • Put in standby mode: Ctrl + Shift + Power button.

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