USMAN SALAHUDDIN complete information

USMAN SALAHUDDIN complete information

USMAN SALAHUDDIN complete information

USMAN SALAHUDDIN complete information
USMAN SALAHUDDIN complete information

Real name: Usman Salahuddin

Nick name: Usman

Date of birth: 2 December, 1990

Birth place: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Current ages: 28 years and 62 days

Nationality: Pakistani

Religion: Islam

Professional: cricketer

Role: all rounds

Major teams: Pakistan under 19s, Pakistan, Pakistan A, Lahore, Punjab, Lahore west zone blues under 19s, Lahore Ravi, Habib bank limited, Baluchistan warriors, Pakistani

Batting style: right handed

Bowling style: unknown

His body weight in kg:

Body weight in pounds: 165 lbs.

Height in m: 1.75 m

Height in cm: 175 cm

Height in ft. and inches: 5 ft. 9 inches

His father name: Salahuddin Rana

His mother name:

Marital status: married

His wife name: Saba Aric

Eye color: black

Hair color: black


The Usman Salahuddin is a best player of Pakistan team. He is a Muslim. His religion is Islam. The nationality of Usman is Pakistani. The Usman Salahuddin is born in 2 December 1990. The age of Usman Salahuddin is 28 years old. The full name is Usman Salahuddin and his nick name is Usman. The nick name of Usman Salahuddin is only called his family and friends. The birth place is Lahore Punjab of Pakistan. The father name is Salahuddin Rana.  The Usman Salahuddin is a batsman of Pakistan team. The Usman Salahuddin is married with our girlfriends. The girlfriend now his wife. The wife name is Saba Aric. She was a Muslim. He completes his early education in the primary school of Lahore. Then he completes his secondary education in the school of Lahore. Then his admission the top college of the Lahore and show good result in this level of study. In early life he participate many games in the school. In any game he tries to play well and show good result. In any game he get prize and become happier on good performance of him. His father always advises him to focus on the study but he always life the cricket.


Usman is an international batsman of the Pakistan cricket team. He always plays well in any test match series. He plays with many teams (England team, West Indies, Habib bank limited, Lahore west zone blues under 19s and Baluchistan). He was first playing with West Indies on 2 may 2011, then he also playing with again West Indies on 5 may 2011. In this test match series his performance is so good and performance is so amazing. He contract with England on 1st June in 2018, in this match series his performance is so amazing and take a wicket. On last ball his fans was so excited it may be win are defeat but last ball he take a wicket and win the match. In this test match series his parents was coming to see the match. His family also appreciates him to playing well and won the match. Finally he won the match. He playing 2 ODI match, 60 FC, and 34 in LA. He gain higher run scored in FC is 3868, in LA is 878 and 13 in ODIs. He gains top scoring in FC test match series is 161. But other two match series is less. He always tries to playing well. One time he replace to the other person with interior injury in this condition he cannot stand and playing. So in this bat health condition he admits 1 week in the hospital of Lahore. On his bad condition his family members was so sad on his bad health condition.


The face color of Usman Salahuddin is brownish. He was not using any product for incensement of face beauty. The face color is real color of his face. The hair color is black, and he is not use any hair color on our hairs. The Usman Salahuddin only uses oil and shampoo for hairs beauty and hairs protection. The eye color is dark brown and he was not using any other color lens for eyes beauty.

USMAN SALAHUDDIN complete information BODY SIZE:

The body size is better like other cricketers. The height of Usman Salahuddin is 5feet and 9 inches. The biceps size is 14 inches. The chest size is 34 inches, and the waist size is 36 inches. The body size is maintained due to daily exercise. The body fitness is more necessary for cricketers.

USMAN SALAHUDDIN complete information BODY WEIGHT:

The body weight Usman Salahuddin is 76 kilogram. The weight may be change during the passage of time. The players in during working days the body weight is decrease and when the body is does not proper work then the body weight is increase. The incensement of body weight is cause major problems during the match. Due to body weight the man cannot proper run during the match. Therefore the Usman Salahuddin maintains the body weight for body fitness.


The favorite players of Usman Salahuddin is following as

  • Yasir shah.
  • Sarfaraz Ahmed.

And some others players. The Usman Salahuddin like these players due his good performance and good behavior. The behavior of these players is well with her and other members of Pakistan team.


The Usman Salahuddin is right handed bats man and right arm bowler. The speed of running is very fast during the match.


The Usman Salahuddin act role in match is all round. He was playing all sided. Because he was a right handed bowler and batsman.


The favoring coach of Usman Salahuddin is Saeed Anwar. The Saeed Anwar is guide the Usman Salahuddin during the match and before the starting the match. The match playing is like an activity for body fitness.


The favorite actors of Usman Salahuddin are Salman khan, Amir Khan, Shah Rukh khan, and Bardeen khan. These all actors are playing best role in Indian film industries. These all actors is belong to a religion of Islam. And these all are Muslims. The Usman Salahuddin watched movies of these actors in free time. They not waste our important time on these things. The time is most important for cricketers. In free time he was does practice for act better performance during match. On the other way for mind relaxation he was watched movies of these actors because the stories of movies are very interesting and also related to human’s life.


The favorited actresses of Usman Salahuddin is following as

  • Krishna Kapoor.
  • Rani maker.
  • Ashraya Roy.
  • Karenna Kapoor.

And some others. The Usman Salahuddin is like these actors due to his good performance in different role in different movies.


The favorite music is coke studio. The Usman Salahuddin is listen coke studio in free time. The music gives relaxation of mind and mood become happy. The Usman Salahuddin listen music when the mood is off then the for mood happiness he was listen coke studio music’s.


The favorite food is following as

  • Fry fish.


The favorite drinks of Usman Salahuddin is following as

  • Strawberry milkshake.
  • Mango juice.
  • Cherry juice.
  • Fresh pine apple juice.

The Usman Salahuddin is only take soft drinks because the soft drink is not harmful for body health. The Usman is not a take hard drink because according to doctors the hard drinks is not helpful for body internal organs. Due to hard drinks the body organs cannot proper work. And body become lazy and week. Therefore the Usman Salahuddin like only soft drinks.


The favorite day is Sunday. The Sunday is favorite day for all peoples because the Sunday is a holiday for all publics. The Usman Salahuddin is happy in this day and full enjoy with family.


The hobbies of Usman Salahuddin is following as

  • Reading books.
  • Listening music.
  • Watching football match.
  • Watching TV shows.
  • Playing video games.


The social media profile of Usman Salahuddin is following as

  • Instar gram.
  • Twitter handle.
  • Google page.
  • Wikipedia page.


The Usman Salahuddin is not involved in any bad habits. Because the Usman Salahuddin is does not take smoking and does not take drugs and alcohol. The drugs are most harmful for body organs. Due to drugs the body become week and lazy. The body due to drugs does not act proper work. The alcohol is also damage the internal organs of the body. The internal organ is damage like kidneys, lungs, and stomach. These parts cause many diseases. The body also becomes weak and lazy. And they do not act proper works. The smoking is also cause cancer. These all things are not better for health. On the other way these all type things is not allow in our Islam. Therefore the Usman Salahuddin is not taking these types things. On the other side these things is not better for cricketer’s health.


The salary of Usman Salahuddin is 8 laces. The Usman Salahuddin is not waste our salary in illegal works. The Usman Salahuddin is used our salary in legal work and always give some amount in the way of Allah. The Usman Salahuddin gives some donations to the needy peoples.

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