What are the Latin phrases used in Spanish?

What are the Latin phrases used in Spanish?

As we know, Spanish is a Latin language. But what have we kept from our origins? The Latin quotations are numerous; in fact, in Spanish we use little Latin phrases or abbreviations. We don’t always know what they mean, but here is a small guide with some of the most used Latin quotes in Spanish:

  • Ad impossibilia nemo tenetur:  nobody is obliged to the impossible;
  • Beard non facit philosophum:  the habit does not make the monk;
  • Canis sine dentibus vehementius latrat:  barking dog, little biter;
  • Carpe diem:  take the day;
  • Dum vivis sperare decet:  while there is life, there is hope;
  • Errare humanum est : to  err is human;
  • Ex ore parvulorum veritas:  the truth comes from the mouth of children;
  • Hic et nunc: here and now;
  • In aqua scribere:  who spits to the sky;
  • In scirpo nodum quaerere:  look for three feet to the cat;
  • Oculum pro oculo, dentem pro dente: an  eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth;
  • Quae sunt Caesaris Caesari: to Caesar what is Caesar’s;
  • Sine cortice nare: nothing without a cork;
  • Verba volant, scripta manent:  words fly, what is written remains;
  • Vulnerant omnes, ultima necat:  all hurt, the last cream.
Latin phrases.
Knowing the basics of Latin will help you write your papers.

Some of these phrases will be very useful if you have to write a report or a dissertation for a job. Better to know what they mean before using them, right? What are the Latin phrases used in Spanish?

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