How can you learn Latin declensions easily?

How can you learn Latin declensions easily?

In Latin there are:

  • 5 declensions (singular and plural and feminine, masculine and neuter);
  • 6 cases (nominative, vocative, accusative, genitive, dative and ablative).

Learning them will be indispensable for anyone who wants to learn Latin. The declension of a noun or an adjective will depend on its function in the sentence: subject, direct object (CD), noun’s complement, indirect object or circumstantial complement. The vocative has an interpellative function.

Latin declension.
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To learn the five Latin declensions according to the model, we leave you the following summary:

  • 1st declension: rosa , ae , feminine,
  • 2nd masculine declension: dominus , i , masculine,
  • 2nd declension neutral: templum , i , neutral,
  • 3rd declension: the most complex:
    • Parasyllable noun masculine or feminine: civis , is , masculine,
    • Neutral parasyllabic noun: mare , is , neutro ,
    • Unsyllable masculine or feminine noun: consul , is , masculine,
    • Neutral unsyllable noun: corpus , is , neutro .
  • 4th declension masculine or feminine: manus , us , feminine,
  • 4th declension neutral: cornus , us , neutro,
  • 5th declension: res, rei , feminine.

Now that we know what we are talking about, here are some tips to better memorize the different Latin declensions:

  • It resorts to the theory of multiple intelligences : linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence and spatial intelligence are particularly suitable for learning Latin. Verbalize declensions, make tables, use color codes, make outlines … Try all these techniques and stick with the one that suits you best.
  • Sing the Latin declensions : singing anything that we have to memorize is usually a fairly effective means of retaining information. You will find several examples of videos on YouTube.
  • Do Latin exercises : there is nothing better than remembering what you have learned through practice. There are many Latin exercises on declensions on declensions available on websites such as  Latine Disce or  Ludus Litterarius.
  • Study with a private teacher : if none of these methods work for you or you do not know how to work independently, turn to a private Latin teacher, who will have the necessary methods to help you memorize the famous declensions. How can you learn Latin declensions easily?

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