What devices to use for training?

What devices to use for training?

It is essential that you know which muscle group is mobilized when doing a movement and the usefulness of each fitness equipment.
Depending on your goal (lose weight, build muscle, cardio reinforcement, work elasticity), you will not use the same devices or with the same intensity. To give you a concrete example, running 9km / h on the treadmill essentially burns fat, while doing a 400m track session at maximum aerobic speed will build your cardio.
Unless you are preparing a championship, it is useless that you always follow the same training program in each session. The key to a  uniform and harmoniously distributed mass intake  lies in the fact of working  different muscle groups , with different intensity, and above all letting them recover well.
For example, if you do not work your upper body too much during 2 consecutive sessions at high intensity, you could injure yourself.
The most developed biceps don’t always win.
There is all the interest of the  physical trainer in the gym or the  personal trainer , who will know how to explain the principles of an effective training to you. Superprof presents the different bodybuilding devices that you can use for your training.
Upper body muscle strengthening

Here are some of the most used devices, although there are many others: What devices to use for training?


Hanging from the ceiling, this bar allows the arms to be muscled, essentially the biceps, by raising the bust. You can perform the tractions in two ways, in supination (with the palms facing you) or in pronation (palms out). In supination, the biceps work much more, while in pronation, you work the dorsal muscles as well.
We advise you to be watched by a trainer when you do your first tractions, start in supination and then try pronation in order to achieve a more harmonious silhouette.
If you are adept at  home sports training , you can buy a drawbar and install it on any sturdy wall.

The weights: What devices to use for training?

Indispensable to effectively tone and muscle the upper body, you can use them in your gym whenever you want. If you want to do sports at home with a personal trainer, you can buy a couple of weights without breaking the bank.
You have to respect some safety rules, especially if you do crossfit or training circuits and use kettlebells.

Bench and bench press

In training programs with muscle building or simple  muscle toning , this exercise is often proposed to work the pectorals.
The load, as well as the number of repetitions, have to be chosen carefully depending on the objective. When in doubt, turn to a  personal trainer . Training with the bench press should always be done in a binomial for safety reasons: the person who lifts and a “spotter” who takes the bar if you cannot lift it.

Personal training to have beautiful rounded buttocks

To have beautiful buttocks, you have to focus on 2 training axes  :
Cardio : Low intensity cardio training to burn fat and sculpt the figure, 2 or 3 times a week, 45 ‘per session. For that, you can choose between cycling, rowing, running on the treadmill or walking fast outdoors (Nordic walking) if you are allergic to gyms.
Bodybuilding : There are several machines designed to work and tone the glutes, although not in all gyms.
Barbell squats : above all, that a trainer teach you the gesture well before you start doing it on your own. It sounds easy but it is very technical and if you do it wrong, you can hurt yourself. The advantage of squats is that they are very complete, they work the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings, calves and shoulders. If you want a  firm and toned glute , complete this same exercise with a small step forward and contract firmly as you perform the movement.
You will have to train yourself to do squats and bike to muscle your glutes.
Half Squat or Lunge : This exercise can be done with or without weight. It allows to reinforce the legs and is used in  general physical preparation .
The bridge : this exercise allows you to work the buttocks and give them a well rounded shape. It also allows to stretch the back, it is also done in  yoga.
There are many more exercises, but you will have to go to a gym because they need certain equipment.
Swimming is one of the rare non-aggressive physical activities that burns cellulite, works a large number of muscles and relieves tension thanks to the massage effect of water throughout the body.
Work your deep muscles, gain muscle, recover more easily: swimming has many virtues!
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