If you are a creative person, you like to write, create characters, scenes and situations, the profession of audiovisual scriptwriter will allow you to unleash your imagination and turn it into your work environment.

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What is a script?: What do I have to study to be a screenwriter?

Scripts are used in movies, series, programs, video games and any audiovisual project. The script shapes a fictional or non-fiction plot, establishes who the narrator of the story is, defines the dialogues and adapts perfectly to the audiovisual genre, both film and television.

There are two types of audiovisual script: the literary script and the technical script. The difference between the two scripts is very clear. The main function of the literary script is to tell the story, establish characteristics of each character, define the dialogues, etc. The technical script , as its name suggests, defines the settings, plans, lighting and all the details more related to the staging.

What does an audiovisual scriptwriter do?: What do I have to study to be a screenwriter?

The scriptwriter is a very important professional for audiovisual production, although we do not see him and receive as many awards as the actors and actresses themselves, his work is as or more important. Let’s think about what a film scriptwriter does, these artists are in charge of creating and writing the script that the people who will appear on the scene will follow. Behind each audiovisual production are these professionals who create the stories that have moved us on the big screen.

What does it take to be a screenwriter?: What do I have to study to be a screenwriter?

Like any profession, the vocational dose will work in your favor if you have it. But everything can be learned and more with good training.

To be a scriptwriter and work in the world of audiovisual or cinematography it will be of great help if you have a curious spirit, you are a creative person, with a great capacity to imagine, you have a broad general culture, you spend hours reading and watching all kinds movies, and especially if you like to create stories both real and fictional.

Being a screenwriter is exciting and the success of a film or audiovisual project depends on your work. Any TV, radio, film, series, theater, advertising, etc. program needs a quality script.


Why study to be a screenwriter?

The fastest and most guaranteed way to become a professional screenwriter is through a course or training.

Audiovisual Script

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Audiovisual Script

If you are thinking about what to study to be a screenwriter, you should know that there is no university degree as such for it. But there are experienced training centers that offer quality courses that will provide you with all the audiovisual language tools, skills and techniques to create your own scripts. You will learn all the audiovisual formats that are on the market.

In short, taking an audiovisual scriptwriter course will allow you to master the creation of your own plots in the form of scripts and learn how an audiovisual project is developed from the scriptwriter to the producer.

In the audiovisual sector there is a wide variety of profiles, professions and professionals that make it possible to make movies, series or video games like the ones we can enjoy today. What do I have to study to be a screenwriter?