Do you like children and the world of education? If this is your case, you are in luck because this year the Primary Education teacher exams are published, an opportunity to get your permanent place in public school, a stable job and dedicate yourself to what you really like: teaching.

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What does a primary school teacher do? Teacher functions: Primary teacher oppositions. How to get your place?

Teachers, teachers or primary school teachers are in charge of the school education of students between six and twelve years old and impart different types of learning to the student with the aim of stimulating their interest, developing certain capacities and that they can develop at a communicative, social, intellectual and cognitive.

Primary education teachers have a great responsibility in their hands, as they are the ones who teach all subjects and subjects , except for languages ​​or some more specific ones.

In addition to teaching functions, a primary school teacher must perform student evaluations, prepare all documentation and exams, classes, meet with parents and guardians, participate in the design of the school program and contribute their vision to the teaching staff, Among other functions.

Ultimately, primary teachers are the support and teaching guide of the student in the classroom . Their work is therefore key in the initial development of children. That is why professionals who have a vocation usually transmit their passion to the student and motivate them to study and learn. We must not forget that a teacher always leaves a mark on his students.

Requirements to be a Primary Education teacher: Primary teacher oppositions. How to get your place?

To teach there is always a great deal of vocation. There are people who want to be teachers from a very young age and others who develop this preference over time.

To be a Primary Education teacher you must have certain skills that will allow you to understand your students, help them and, most importantly, transmit the knowledge and learning that they must develop according to their age. Although everything is learned, it will be of great advantage if you already have communication skills both at a written and verbal level, you have a hand with children, you have a friendly attitude and you have good organizational and planning skills.

What to study to be a primary school teacher?: Primary teacher oppositions. How to get your place?

To be a primary school teacher, you will need to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education, which lasts for 4 years. To access this degree you can do it through the branch of Social and Legal Sciences. With this qualification you would have the necessary training to work as a primary school teacher in private teaching .

If you are in an Autonomous Community that has a co-official language such as Galicia, the Basque Country or Catalonia, you will have to master these languages.

Finally, you will have to pass the exams for the elementary school teacher exams . They are published in each Autonomous Community and will grant you a fixed place as a primary school teacher in the public school.

Primary education teacher exam requirements

In order to take the elementary school teacher exam, you have to meet some general requirements:

  • Be between 18 and 65 years old.
  • Have Spanish nationality or that of one of the member states of the European Union .
  • Have the accreditation of mastery of the co-official language , in case of competing in an autonomy with several languages ​​(Galicia, Catalonia, Basque Country …)
  • Not having a criminal record or having been disqualified from exercising public functions.
  • Not suffer from any physical or mental limitation or illness that is incompatible with teaching.

Primary education teacher competitions 2021/2022

To access a fixed position as a teaching officer in the Body of Teachers, you will have to pass the tests of the competitive examination that are published in each Autonomy . There are various teacher competitions that go by specialties, but to be a primary teacher you will have to take the primary teacher exams.

Primary school teacher

Campus Training

Primary school teacher

Depending on the autonomous community, the content of the competition may vary but, in general, it is a competition-opposition process composed of two theoretical-practical elimination tests and a competition phase where the merits are scored.

In the first phase we find the two tests : a test focused on the knowledge of the specialty itself and another test that allows to verify the teaching techniques and the pedagogical aptitude of the candidate. The result of the arithmetic mean of the two tests will have a weight of 60% of the final mark of the opposition.

In the second phase, the contest phase , the merits of the candidate are assessed or scored in terms of academic training, experience and other merits. The result is 40% of the final grade for the opposition.

Once the opposition has been overcome and, if the result is good, the opponent gets a fixed place in a public school if he exceeds the first year of practice.

In case of approving the opposition but not achieving a place in a school, the teacher enters a temporary job bank with which they will fill free vacancies. Primary teacher oppositions. How to get your place?