Being  a fashion designer  is not easy. You have to study fashion and specialize in an industry that is often misunderstood. In addition, your vision regarding the way you dress and combine the garments must be completely innovative. 

Consequently, in addition to studying  fashion design , you will also need to take fashion design courses ,  even become an expert in haute couture. 


Being a fashion designer , your responsibilities

Becoming a designer  requires knowing the different types of fashion designer courses. It is also important to know exactly what a fashion designer does and what their duties are. 

To start you should know that  fashion designers design clothes, styles  and define the way of dressing. Fashion designers often specialize in certain particular types of clothing. 

That is, there are  fashion designers  specialized in men’s clothing, children’s clothing, women’s clothing, even sportswear. Additionally, designers often work in conjunction with garment technologists. 

The role of the fashion designer could include liaising with manufacturers to ensure that designs are accurately reproduced. Additionally, you must analyze or predict trends in fabrics, colors and shapes. 

Not only that, the  fashion designer must be able to develop basic shapes through patterns. In addition, among the responsibilities of a fashion designer are: 

  • Must be able to estimate material and manufacturing costs
  • Find providers 
  • Supervise the manufacture of garments 
  • Make internal presentations 
  • Produce conceptual panels such as photos, fabric pieces, and color swatches. 

What skills do you need to be a fashion designer? 

As mentioned at the beginning, being  a fashion designer  is not something easy. In addition to studying fashion and taking  courses in fashion design , you must have certain skills to be successful in the profession. 

In fact, to be a  fashion designer  you must first have an eye for color and shape. You’ll need pattern cutting and sewing skills, plus you’ll need to be able to spot trends. 

You will need to have a high artistic creativity 

An inherent sense of artistic creativity is quite necessary if you want to make your mark in the world of fashion. Art and imagination are two skills you must have to become a successful fashion designer. 

Such skills can give you the instincts to turn raw material into impressive work of art. 

You must have an excellent ability to draw 

It is not enough to  study fashion design remotely . You also need to be a drawing artist. In fact, in order for you to bring your imagination to life on paper, you need to have strong drawing skills. 

If you lack this ability to draw, the fashion and costume drawing course is just what you need.

Fashion drawing.  Figurine Drawing


Fashion drawing. Figurine Drawing

A fine vision for detail 

A  fashion designer  not only requires to be an artist, but also requires fine vision to obtain excellent details . Even if you are good at visualizing and drawing, you still have to be able to take care of the finest and intricate details of any garment. 

All meticulous gathering and embroidery should be examined carefully. That is, if you want to be a successful fashion designer, you must have incredible taste and a great eye to detect the most delicate intricacies in designs. 

Strong visualization ability 

A  fashion designer  requires this skill as he will need to work for many clients and alongside other colleagues. Therefore, the better your visualization skills, the more competent you will be at bringing your ideas to life on paper. 

Consequently, your colleagues and clients will gain a better insight into the design as they work towards a finished garment. 

Excellent interpersonal communication skills 

The entire  design process , be it clothing, accessories, jewelry, or footwear, requires working together. It is not possible to work on a particular project by yourself. 

You will always need to share your ideas with colleagues to encourage them to work. Therefore, you will also require interpersonal communication skills to land the most desirable projects. 

A deep understanding of business 

If you want to thrive in  the world of fashion , you must have solid business skills. This includes key business areas such as finance, sales, and marketing. 

You can be incredibly creative, but if you don’t have any knowledge of business, you will find it very difficult to maintain a profitable fashion brand. Therefore, training to learn strategies adapted to the fashion sector will be key to the success of your brand.

Many fashion designers fail because they fail to understand the financial, business, and marketing side of fashion. 

A competitive spirit 

If you constantly ask yourself  what do I need to study fashion design?  The answer is a highly competitive interest . That is, as a fashion designer, you must transform yourself into a notable fashion pioneer. 

However, you will need to create more innovative and original designs, which will require a highly competitive spirit. Also, if you don’t stay motivated, you will hardly be able to satisfy new trends and options. 


What types of training do you have to study to be a fashion designer?  

Currently there are a wide range of  courses in fashion design, undergraduate and graduate degrees, as  well as  masters in fashion design. 

  • The degrees . University degrees require you to pass 240 ECTS credits. They generally last 4 years, however it is necessary that you have an official Baccalaureate degree. 
  • Prostrate and master’s degrees . This type of training to be a fashion designer requires that you have a previous university degree. 
  • Additionally, professional training in fashion design is also a good option. 
  • The Technician in fashion making . In this case it is a medium grade cycle that lasts for 2,000 hours. You are taught knowledge about the operation and maintenance of machines, in addition to the assembly of fabrics and of course the elaboration of patterns. 
  • The Superior Technician in Pattern and Fashion . It is a training in which the different techniques of dressmaking and pattern making are acquired. It also allows you to train at a more business and industrial level. 

Along with the above, you also have the option of fashion design courses, especially if you cannot access a university degree. 

Recommended courses to start training in the fashion sector  

Fashion design and creation course

One of the  most recommended fashion designer courses , especially for beginners, is the textile and fashion design course . Through this course you will be able to conceive ideas, develop a creative process, investigate, experiment and produce. 

Once this is done, the course teaches you how to put this knowledge into practice to turn it into real garments, fabrics, textiles or accessories. 

Fashion Design and Creation


Fashion Design and Creation


Fashion styling and marketing course

Another of the   most recommended fashion design courses is the fashion marketing and styling course . This course is specialized with a master in the fashion and marketing sector. 

Marketing and Styling in Fashion


Marketing and Styling in Fashion

Contemporary fashion history course

Additionally , the Contemporary Fashion History course is also available  . This is a course designed to analyze and investigate in detail the trends and visual characteristics developed throughout history. 

Contemporary Fashion History


Contemporary Fashion History

Advanced courses to become a true fashion professional

Fashion design and creation courses 

In this case, the   most recommended fashion design and creation courses include the Superior Patternmaking course , aimed at the most essential techniques for creating patterns for all types of garments. 

Pattern Design (Higher Course)


Pattern Design (Higher Course): What do you have to study to be a fashion designer?


It is also available in  the Expert course in Fashion Creation and Design . This is a course that will allow you to become an expert in creating fashion collections. You will learn to create garment patterns from flat drawings, as well as design sketches. 

Expert in Fashion Creation and Design


Expert in Fashion Creation and Design: What do you have to study to be a fashion designer?


For its part, the  course on Styling and Trends in Fashion  will help you learn about all the aspects involved in fashion. From the history of fashion, to styles and movements, current trends, both on the catwalk and on the street. 

Styling and Trends in Fashion


Styling and Trends in Fashion

Pattern making and dressmaking courses : What do you have to study to be a fashion designer?

The  pattern making and tailoring courses will help you to train as a professional textile pattern maker . Thanks to all the knowledge that you will acquire, you will also become a professional pattern maker with all the necessary tools to succeed in the world of fashion. 

You will learn to analyze new trends and anticipate the needs of the public. You will have the ability to bring your ideas to life, create your own collections and develop yourself as a highly qualified professional fashion designer. 

What job prospects does the fashion design-oriented training offer? : What do you have to study to be a fashion designer?

A good number of  fashion designers  start their own fashion design businesses. In other words, one of the job prospects of fashion design training is to become a freelance designer. 

It must also be said that most fashion designers aim to work in the great fashion capitals such as London, Paris, Milan or New York. 

Therefore, you can work as a  freelance fashion designer  or work for wholesalers, manufacturers, or design companies. 

As for the salary that a fashion designer earns, it is currently between € 1,300 and € 1,500 per month. This will depend on the functions and responsibilities of the designer, so even the salary can be much higher. 

Conclution : What do you have to study to be a fashion designer?

As you have seen,  becoming a fashion designer  requires a lot of effort and also a great deal of training. You need solid knowledge of fashion design, pattern making, haute couture, textiles, drawing, as well as a great creative and imaginative capacity.  

But to be a  successful fashion designer  , you must also have other skills such as business acumen, communication skills, marketing skills, and teamwork skills. 

You must bear in mind that the competition is very great, so if you decide to study fashion, you must have the appropriate training, taking courses in fashion design and demonstrate that you have the artistic ability to stand out in the industry. What do you have to study to be a fashion designer?