The kitchen assistant  plays a very important role in any hospitality business. He is often identified as the chef’s closest associate  . 


Consequently, it acquires a lot of importance in the process of making and preparing the dishes. He even has multiple responsibilities within the kitchen, although not at the level of  a professional cook  for example. 


How should a kitchen helper be? : Kitchen Helper: What does he do and how much does he earn?

Many times it is thought that their tasks are not important or that it is actually a very easy job to do. The truth is that it is a job that requires a lot of dedication and commitment. 

If you are interested in knowing a little more about this profession, here we will talk about the  functions kitchen assistant , what a kitchen assistant does, you will even know how much a kitchen assistant earns. 

Of course we will also talk to you about courses related to cooking , training and studies that will help you work in this sector with high labor demand. 

What does a kitchen helper do? Their functions and tasks : Kitchen Helper: What does he do and how much does he earn?


Many  heads of c Ocina that are now recognized worldwide, began as kitchen assistants. 

This profession is ideal for those who aspire to be a  chef ,  since they are learning new things all the time. That is, they can learn the best food preparation techniques, directly from kitchen professionals. 

In addition, a  kitchen helper functions , he performs all his tasks under the supervision of the  head chef or the professional cook . So you can learn how a kitchen is run, how a menu is prepared, or even how to treat customers. 

What responsibilities does a kitchen helper have?: Kitchen Helper: What does he do and how much does he earn?

When  hiring a kitchen helper , restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses are always looking for a trustworthy and dedicated person. A kitchen assistant who helps the cook with the preparation of the ingredients and of course with the different washing and cleaning tasks. 

In addition, he is also responsible for helping with inventory control, removing kitchen garbage, keeping trash cans clean, as well as cleaning freezers and storage room. 

But that’s not all, a kitchen assistant also has other very important responsibilities. Here we share the main functions of a  kitchen assistant: 

  •          Must be trained to properly clean and sanitize all areas where food is prepared.
  •          This must be done in accordance with the hygiene regulations established by the business itself or by the corresponding regulations.
  •          You must also be able to properly wash and store all appliances, utensils, instruments, dishes, and cutlery .
  •          Another function of the kitchen assistant has to do with helping the cook in preparing the ingredients for the dishes.
  •          This means that the chef’s assistant will have to be in charge of washing, cleaning, peeling, cutting and chopping vegetables, fruits, meat and other foods.
  •          He also has to take care of sweeping and mopping the kitchen floors , as well as keeping the walls of the kitchen clean. For this you must use the appropriate cleaning products.
  •          You must also be able to assist with the unloading of food supplies that are delivered by vendors.
  •          According to the chef’s instructions, the kitchen assistant also has the function of quickly moving the ingredients of the meals from the storage areas to the kitchen.
  •          Likewise, and following the chef’s instructions, he must be in charge of stirring, heating soups and sauces, as well as preparing hot drinks .


In short, the  kitchen helper  must keep all utensils clean and easily accessible to the professional cook. Even as these utensils are used, the assistant must clean them to ensure that they are always available for use. 

Do not forget that during the process of preparing the dishes, the chef and professional cooks are very busy. Therefore, the kitchen helper must be attentive to the cleanliness and organization of utensils. 

On the other hand , the kitchen assistant  must guarantee the preservation of food. The objective is that no ingredient is harmed and an optimal level of quality can be maintained in the texture and flavor of the dishes. 

Consequently,  the kitchen helper  must be prepared to remove food from the pantry at the time the cook directs. If the helper performs this function well  , it is guaranteed that the ingredients are kept in good condition and ready for the preparation of the dishes. 

But perhaps the most important function of a kitchen helper is the availability to collaborate with their immediate bosses. 

That is, you must always be willing to collaborate with the  chef de cuisine . In this way it is possible to maintain an adequate rhythm in the preparation and presentation of the dishes to the clients. 


What training should a kitchen assistant have? 

 you are interested in working as  assistant cook , it is essential that you meet the requirements of the profession. We already know what a kitchen helper does and what its functions are. 

Now is the time to know in detail  the training and studies of a kitchen assistant  that are necessary to carry out this job. 

It must be said that although it is true, the  profession of kitchen assistant  is not related to any qualification, if it requires at least a certain academic level. 

In other words, you must have a school graduate as well as obtain a food handler’s permit. In addition, and as a consequence of the high competitiveness, it is convenient to take a kitchen assistant course or even have a university education. In Maestralia you will find courses that will train you to work as a kitchen assistant.

Professional Kitchen (Initiation)


Professional Kitchen (Initiation)

Requirements to work as a kitchen helper

Generally, the following are the  main requirements for working as a kitchen helper: 

  •          You must have the title of Graduate in Secondary Education.
  •          You must also have proven experience as a kitchen helper.
  •          The license or permit to handle food.
  •          It is also essential to have a solid knowledge of health, hygiene and food safety regulations.
  •          You must have the ability to stand for long periods of time.
  •          Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  •          Teamwork capacity.
  •          Have excellent organizational skills, as well as time management.
  •          You must even have good communication skills.


How much does a kitchen helper charge based on experience? 


Those who want to work in this profession often wonder what the salary of a  kitchen assistant is . 

Of course it is an important aspect to consider, however experience plays a fundamental role in salaries . We have looked at the functions of a kitchen helper, as well as their responsibilities. 

All this means that their average salary varies, even depending on the quality of the establishment where they work. The average monthly salary for a kitchen helper in a basic hospitality establishment is often around € 950. 

However, there are higher quality establishments in which a kitchen assistant can earn around € 2,000 per month. In these cases, both experience and training are essential requirements. 

It is also not surprising that this profession is one of the most demanded. It is known that the kitchen is the professional area where there are more job offers . 

And although work experience in the kitchen  is certainly  not necessary, it is considered an important factor in obtaining a well-paid job. 

The advantage is that professionals in this sector often use kitchen helper work as their training internship.   

It is advisable in any case, especially if you want a better salary as a kitchen assistant, is to maintain continuous training. 



Kitchen assistants perform all required cleaning, washing, and preparation tasks in the kitchen. Their duties are very important to chefs and supervisors. 

Thanks to the  cook’s assistant , the smooth running of the kitchen is guaranteed. Obviously you do not have the functions and responsibilities of a kitchen chef, but without a doubt his work is essential. 

Remember that  professional chefs and chefs really don’t have time to take care of cleaning and washing utensils. Nor can they waste  time moving ingredients, storing them, or cleaning up wages. 

They simply tend functions that require your utmost concentration. Therefore,  the kitchen assistant  takes care of all that to ensure that the chef can prepare the most exquisite dishes and with the best presentation. 

If you want to  work as a kitchen assistant , there are currently many kitchen assistant courses that will help you obtain the necessary training to carry out this profession. 

You just have to keep in mind that in addition to your academic and complementary training, being a kitchen assistant also requires dedication and reliability. 

You must show at all times, absolute availability to collaborate with  the chef or the chef.  Your main function will be to ensure that they have all the necessary conditions and tools to prepare the best dishes. Kitchen Helper: What does he do and how much does he earn?