Pharmacists and pharmacy assistants are among the most demanded profiles in the coming years . A profession that has become increasingly important in Spain where there are more than 20,000 pharmacies.


Pharmacy assistants are professionals with high demand for employment in the labor market since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic due to the increase in the 24-hour pharmacy service and the growing supply of non-pharmaceutical products that we can find in a pharmacy: cosmetics, nutrition, personal care and / or baby.

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What is a pharmacy assistant and what does it do?: What does a pharmacy assistant do? Job prospects

A pharmacy assistant is a specialist trained to work under the supervision of a pharmacist, has knowledge in pharmacy and parapharmacy.

The functions of a pharmacy assistant are key to the good management and operation of a pharmaceutical establishment . Among them we highlight:

  • Customer Support
  • Control of orders, stock and warehouse management, checking expiration dates and optimizing product rotation
  • Preparation of drugs and pharmaceutical formulas under the supervision of the pharmacist
  • Perform pharmacy administrative tasks (inventory, invoices, drug registration …)

Career opportunities What is the salary of a nursing assistant?: What does a pharmacy assistant do? Job prospects

If we want to develop our professional career in the pharmaceutical sector as a pharmacy assistant, we will have many job options as it is a highly demanded profile today. We can work in pharmacies hand in hand with the pharmacy technician, in hospital pharmacies where medicines are supplied from the entire local health system, in parapharmacies advising on personal hygiene and nutrition products, in primary care centers or in industry companies pharmaceutical .

The salary of a pharmacy assistant will depend on your experience and whether you work in the public or private sector. If you take a pharmacy assistant exam, you can work as a pharmacy assistant for the Public Administration and enjoy a fixed position that will provide you with job security. In order to compete as a pharmacy assistant, you must first take a pharmacy and parapharmacy assistant course.

In the private sector, the average gross salary (before taxes) charged by a pharmacist assistant is approximately € 1,150 per month in approximately 14 annual payments.

What do you have to study to work in a pharmacy?: What does a pharmacy assistant do? Job prospects

In order to work as a pharmaceutical assistant, the first step is training . You will have to take an assistant course in pharmacy and parapharmacy that will provide you with all the knowledge you will need for the preparation of medications under the supervision of the pharmacist, for which you will need to master basic laboratory operations , you will also learn techniques to advise clients and patients who attend to the establishment, administrative tasks , storage, orders and management of medicines and parapharmacy products.

Pharmacy and Parapharmacy Assistant

Campus Training

Pharmacy and Parapharmacy Assistant

Why take an online nursing assistant course?

Online training has evolved a lot in recent years, leading to optimized and completely personalized study systems . Taking an online nursing assistant course is an ideal way to train yourself as a professional at the best study centers.

The online study methodology allows us to study without geographical or time barriers . Who has not happened that in the city or town that he lives there are no possibilities to train in what he likes. Thanks to technology we can study wherever we want, we only need our computer and an internet connection.

In terms of schedules, more of the same, online courses allow us to train whatever our situation. We can combine study with a job, with family life or our obligations.

Through the platform or virtual campus that you have to access the course, you will have the option of connecting at any time and any day of the week. With access to the materials you need to learn and you can answer your questions with the teachers assigned to you.

Without a doubt, at Maestralia we are committed to online training and we believe that it is one of the best options for you to become a professional pharmacy assistant.

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