Preparing to get truly one-of-a-kind wedding events has become one of the biggest concerns for couples who decide to take the big step towards the marriage bond. In this sector, a very relevant professional for wedding planning has emerged, the wedding planner.


A wedding, a link, a marriage is today a super special day where everything has to be perfect, from the bride and groom to the decoration of the place, through the activities, the details to the guests, the gastronomy, the music and the fun.

Weddings have gone from being more traditional and pre-designed religious events, held in the place of worship, to being very special, unique, original events, totally personalized and celebrated in very varied places to fulfill the dream of the couple.

Organizing such a special day can be very stressful and complicated for the bride and groom, for this reason the figure of the Wedding Planner arises .

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what is a wedding planner?: I want to work as a wedding planner, what to study?

A weeding planner is a professional or team of professionals in charge of the comprehensive organization of the event, that is, a wedding planner or organizer. His duties are focused on directing, coordinating, negotiating and planning all the details around a wedding.

The figure of the wedding planner emerged in the mid-50s in the US and comes hand in hand with the incorporation of women into the world of work. Traditionally, the organization of the wedding was a matter for women and the need arose here for a professional to be in charge of the complete organization. This fashion spread to different countries until it reached Spain in the 21st century.

What does a wedding planner do?: I want to work as a wedding planner, what to study?

Hiring a professional to organize your wedding is becoming more and more common. It gives the couple more freedom, confidence and security that everything will be perfect on one of the most special days of their lives.

The fundamental role of a wedding planner is to accompany, guide and advise the bride and groom throughout the wedding preparation, taking care of every detail and complying with the budget agreed to the millimeter.

Among the main functions of a wedding planner we highlight:

  • Actively listen to the groom ‘s in order to offer them the solutions and proposals that fit what they are looking for.
  • Guide, accompany and advise throughout the planning and during the event.
  • Create the proposal and a budget adjusted to the expectations of the clients.
  • Contact and negotiate with suppliers in each area to make the budget. Once decided, the wedding planner hires each provider and manages them.
  • Supervise, direct and control all the preparations, planning, management of all the “actors” of the event (suppliers, photographer, dj, boyfriends, guests …) so that the celebration runs with the greatest perfection.

How much does a wedding planner make?

Now that we know what a wedding planner does, we wonder how much does it cost to hire a wedding planner? Or how much does a wedding planner earn?

This question has many nuances because it will mainly depend on whether we are talking about a wedding planner working in a wedding organization company that will have a negotiated and fixed monthly salary, or if we are talking about a freelance or self-employed wedding planner.

Organization and Management of Events and Wedding Planner

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Organization and Management of Events and Wedding Planner

In the case of independent wedding planners, they usually charge a percentage of the total budget of the event and it will depend on the community. It is usually between 5 and 10% of the total. That is, you can charge for the entire organization of a wedding between 1000 and 2000 euros approximately. Although closed packages are also created for the organization of certain tasks that can have a price of 500 euros approx.

What to study to be a wedding planner?

If you are already a creative person, with the desire and gift of people, you will have half a way to become a professional in the organization of weddings and events. But everything is learned, so relax!

The most important thing to be a wedding planner with resources, tools and learning that allows you to carry out your work with ease and a lot of professionalism, is training. Taking a specialized wedding planner course will provide you with all the knowledge, processes and tools you will need. You can also study an event organization and protocol course .

Organization of events and protocol


Organization of events and protocol

The wedding planner courses will train you in negotiation with suppliers and clients, planning, organization, restaurant issues, wine pairing, floral decoration, decoration of spaces and will provide you with all the knowledge to organize successful wedding events. I want to work as a wedding planner, what to study?