What happens once you Block Some­one on Facebook

What happens once you Block Some­one on Facebook

What happens once you Block Some­one on Facebook

What happens once you Block Some­one on Facebook
What happens once you Block Some­one on Facebook

Gone square measure the times once you fought with somebody, you may merely stop reproof them and move. Now, with social media being such an enormous deal in our lives fights square measure incomplete if we tend to don’t take action on-line too.

What happens once you Block Some­one on Facebook Block On Facebook Fi

Facebook users can either unfriend the person or block them. Whereas unfriending somebody is straightforward and solely removes them from your list, obstruction somebody is difficult.

You may marvel — what happens once you block someone on Facebook? Well, luck is on your aspect for you have got landed on the right page. Here we are going to tell you everything that happens once obstruction somebody thereon social networking website.

What happens once you Block Some­one on Facebook Let’s begin.


When you block somebody, your previous posts and comments square measure hidden from their read — are it on their timeline or anyplace else. Similarly, their posts, comments, likes, etc. can vanish from your feed. Everything between you and therefore the blocked person can disappear from your purpose of read. However, all those things can still be visible to others.

NOTE: Facebook does not delete such content; it simply hides all of it.

What happens once you Block Some­one on Facebook Block on Facebook eight`1

What happens once you Block Some­one on Facebook WHAT regarding NEW POSTS, COMMENTS, LIKES

Blocking somebody much hides your profile from one another. You aren’t able to access their Facebook profile page in the least. Therefore neither you nor the blocked person is going to be able to produce a brand new post on every other’s timeline.

Similarly, each of you won’t be able to see every other’s posts and comments on mutual pages.

What happens once you Block Some­one on Facebook CAN BLOCKED PERSON hunt for YOUR PROFILE ON FACEBOOK?

No. once you block somebody on Facebook and if they hunt for your profile on Facebook, you may not seem in Facebook search results. Similarly, if you hunt for the blocked person, they’ll not seem in your search results.

Sometimes, the blocked person would possibly seem however clicking on the profile can end in a blank page.

Block on Facebook twelve

Facebook profiles square measure offered through Google search results too, unless you have got modified the privacy settings and hidden your profile from search results.

So if you have got blocked the person and that they search your name in Google or another program, they’ll be able to see your profile link (URL) however if they’re logged in, they won’t be able to see your profile. If they log off from their profile, they’ll be able to see your public profile or no matter is public on your profile.

PRO TIP: to stop your profile from showing within the search results, head to Settings > Privacy > does one need search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile? Uncheck it.

What happens once you Block Some­one on Facebook ALSO ON GUIDING School

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Once you block somebody, you will not be able to scan every other’s comments although each of you may be able to treat a mutual friend’s post or image. That is as a result of once obstruction Facebook hides your profile from one another.

If your mutual friend posts a photograph of you or the person you have got blocked (with or while not tag), each of you may be able to see the image since the content belongs to the mutual friend.

Now if a mutual friend shares a post or image from your wall on his/her wall, what happens then? In this case, the blocked person won’t see the content of the shared post.

Block on Facebook eleven


You will not tag the blocked person nor can they. And if a mutual friend will tag any of you, the opposite person won’t see the tag or their name.


Once you have got blocked somebody, they’ll not see your transient Facebook or traveler stories — notwithstanding you haven’t blocked them on traveler. Same goes for your aspect too.

WHAT regarding COMMON teams

Things square measure slightly totally different for teams. Whereas you or the blocked person won’t be able to add the opposite person to a brand new cluster, you may still stay a part of common teams. And unusually, the blocked person will see your comments and posts in common teams, however you can’t read something associated with them (posts, comments, likes, etc.). Those things square measure hidden.

Block on Facebook thirteen


Nope. Once you block somebody on Facebook, each of you loses the facility to converse (call and message) with one another on traveler in camera chats. You’ll be able to still communicate and see messages on cluster chats the’. Once you enter a gaggle wherever the blocked person could be a member, you may be notified regarding it.

Block on Facebook nine

However, if you block them on traveler solely, you’ll be able to still read their Facebook profile and act with them on Facebook. That is as a result of obstruction on traveler is totally different from obstruction on Facebook.


Blocking somebody on Facebook will not mechanically delete the previous messages on traveler. However, you won’t be able to act any except in common cluster conversations as mentioned higher than.

Block on Facebook ten

WHY am i able to SEE somebody ON traveler however NOT FACEBOOK

It means the person has deactivated their Facebook profile. Since traveler is used while not a Facebook profile too, they still seem within the traveler.

Other reason may well be they need blocked you on Facebook. You’ll be able to solely see the message thread on traveler and not really chat with them.


ARE folks NOTIFIED once you BLO

No. Facebook doesn’t send a CK THEM?THEM? Notification once you block somebody.

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