What is a computer made of?

What is a computer made of?

Components of a PC
The operation of a computer depends on its central unit.

A computer is used neither more nor less than to calculate. It’s as simple as that! The user forces it to perform operations and interacts with it using peripherals. But do you know what a computer is made of ?

On the outside of a Personal Computer (PC) we find:

  • A screen,
  • A keyboard,
  • A mouse,
  • And most importantly: a central unit in the case of the PC.

The first three elements mentioned are part of the  human-machine interface :

  • The  screen  shows the content that is typed on the keyboard or pointed with the mouse,
  • The  keyboard  allows you to write text to communicate with the (letters of the alphabet, numbers, accents …),
  • The  mouse  moves the cursor on the screen, points to the elements and selects them by clicking. In a laptop, we find a touchpad .

The  central unit  has all the essential electronic material for the operation of the :

  • The  processor , the brain of the computer, reads, processes and writes data. It makes the calculations that allow the user to interact with the and display the system on the screen,
  • The  internal hard drive  is the memory of the. Stores the data in binary form,
  • The  motherboard  is the backbone of the. It centralizes and processes the data exchanged within the computer. It handles all the components of the,
  • The  power supply,  heart and lung of the, transforms and supplies the necessary energy to the motherboard,
  • The  RAM memory works with the processor and serves to store the data temporarily, the time to process it.  What is a computer made of?

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