What is French boxing?

What is French boxing?

French boxing is also known as savate or French kick boxing.: What is French boxing?

Despite being relatively recent in its modern form and having a rather chaotic history (with its near disappearance in the period between World War I and World War II), the patriotism of the French rescued this type of boxing from oblivion.
It appears in the 19th century, in French literature, when large pens were closely interested in canvas (a word that allows us to avoid the Anglicism ring).
We will quote, for example, Théophile Gauthier : “French boxing is a profound science that demands a lot of cold blood, calculation, agility, strength”, or else: ” French boxing is an intrepid , dazzling game , with a multitude of romantic illuminations”.
Nor will you be surprised by the praise that Alexandro Dumas,  the author of The Three Musketeers , directs to this combat sport: “French boxing is exactly the same as boxing, except that it is the opposite”, besides considering Charles Lecour – the creator of contemporary French boxing – a genius.

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French boxing is also known as savate or French kick boxing.
French boxing consists either of a fight in which a knockout is possible, or of rounds in which forceful blows are excluded and in which all violence is excluded.
French boxers wear an under guard (or chest), mouth guard, gloves, and boxing shoes.
The rounds are called “rounds” and are usually between 3 and 5, and can last from 1 minute 30 to 2 minutes depending on gender, weight category, age and competition.
The techniques supported are very sophisticated and limited by rules of good manners. This is essential in the use of the feet, hence the appeal of ” boxe pieds-poings .”
The French boxing savate surprises usually for its refinement, fair play and even knowing that transmits live the fighters.

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