There are boxing for all tastes!

There are boxing for all tastes!

BlogSportBoxingThe Different Boxing Styles: There are boxing for all tastes!

What is French boxing?
What is English boxing?
What is Thai boxing?
What is shadow boxing?
“Boxing is made up of conceptions that can be summarized in the three qualities that most honor the human condition: intelligence, courage and physical health.”
Marcel pagnol

Boxing, a brute sport? Of course not!

We are going to deny all those who claim that boxing only consists of hitting to let off steam, until we knock out the opponent …
In reality, this combat sport is so subtle and refined that it supports a number of variations, depending on the countries and regions.
Although cinema and literature, as well as popular culture and the enthusiasm of the public, highlight the world of noble art, that is, English boxing that only admits fists as weapons , we must not forget, however, that  there are boxing specific in almost every country on the planet.
American boxing, karate, kick-boxing, taekwondo, Burmese boxing, MMA, Vietnamese boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, free fighting, Khmer boxing, full-contact, kung-fu, aikido, Laotian boxing, budo, Chinese boxing, self-defense, French boxing, Thai boxing and English boxing … the list is long!
For now, we are going to focus on these last three, in addition to shadow boxing , a way to get into the ring smoothly and that allows you to build a bridge between all imaginable boxing styles.

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