What is the price of a subscription in a gym?

What is the price of a subscription in a gym?

Economic theory teaches us that humans are rational agents – homo economicus-, who compare the usefulness of a good or service based on a cost-benefit calculation.
Therefore, we compare the offers of gym passes with respect to what they propose: low cost passes versus luxurious and traditional fitness rooms, how much does it cost?
Far from the luxurious rooms of Madrid, a gym with everything you need in Alicante is cheaper.
In general, you have to count between € 100 and € 290 per month for the very high-end rooms , while the cheapest gyms offer rates between € 25 and € 40 per month.

How to explain this price difference?: What is the price of a subscription in a gym?

The place: the rooms in Madrid and Barcelona are more expensive

The benefits: the quality of the machines, personal training and services
Type of audience: fitness for wealthy clients or gyms that save to attract a clientele with more modest income.
Before choosing a gym, you will have to compare the rates and services.
To get an idea of ​​how much to spend, here is an orientation of the price of different rooms, from the most exclusive to the low cost .
Exclusive gyms in Spain
Serrano 240 Sports Club : Fee of 155 euros / month (only 90 euros on weekends).
Arsenal Femenino : Average fee of € 124 / month.
Arsenal Men : Fee of 286 euros / month.
Reebok Sports Club La Finca : Fee from € 100 / month.
Metropolitan Sport Club & Spa : Fee from € 99 / month.
Low cost gyms in Spain
Vita Liberté. There are three types of compost:
Annual low-cost subscription : € 9.95 the first month and then € 19.90 per month, with a stay of 12 months,
Vita Liberté Freedom subscription: € 27.90 per month, subscription without permanence,
A monthly subscription at € 39.90.
Basic Fit: Subscriptions from € 19.99.
Body Factory: Under the BF + Fit brand, users will be able to access its facilities from a flat rate of 19.90 euros per month.
Alta Fit: The minimum monthly payment is € 24 per month.
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