What is the Timeline on Facebook?

What is the Timeline on Facebook

What is the Timeline on Facebook?

What is the Timeline on Facebook
What is the Timeline on Facebook

Introduced in 2011, Facebook’s Timeline feature will best be thought of as your ‘all concerning me’ page.  It combines the knowledge on your profile with the items you’ve got denote, the general public messages your friends have sent you, and an outline of your recent Facebook activity–things like accretive an addict request, enjoying a Facebook game, posting an image, or giving a “Like” to a different person’s post.

What is the Timeline on Facebook? Formerly referred to as the Wall

The Timeline that is additionally generally referred to as the “wall” in Facebook documentation is your history on Facebook. It keeps all of your activity, updates, photos, and content in one place, very like a life journal. Its additional visual and you’ll be able to post an outsized, long image as decoration at the highest of your page, additionally to the default profile image of you that shows up next to everything you post. The Timeline additionally permits you to travel back in time to before Facebook, and add events and activities that occurred before you started your account.

What is the Timeline on Facebook? Who Sees Your Timeline?

With the quality Facebook privacy settings, your Friends are ready to visit your Timeline and see any info that is been else thereto by you. Keep this in monad once accretive invites from friends, since straightforward thanks to manage privacy are to be selective in accretive and welcoming friends. That means solely folks you recognize are ready to see your Timeline. If you denote a standing update that was public, then anyone United Nations agency visits your Timeline are ready to read that update and the other public updates you’ve got created on Facebook. Your Likes are visible on your Timeline, since Likes area unit employed in advertising and area unit thought-about public info on Facebook. It’s potential to cover your Likes on your Timeline victimization your privacy choices.

 How it’s organized

Timeline is organized by a vertical line stretching down the middle of the page.  Dots on this line show your activity in descendent written record order, whereas the entries themselves area unit shown in boxes to either aspect.  Posting concerning associate degree approaching gathering on sooner or later then posting photos from that gathering the subsequent day would lead to 2 Timeline boxes and 2 dots, with the image dot set nearer to the highest of the page.  Your Timeline goes back to the day you joined Facebook, even though you signed up before 2011. To point out what you probably did before Timeline, it combines the items you denote with the notes others wrote on your home page.

What’s On the Timeline?

Everyone on Facebook has their own Timeline, and you’ll be able to see your friends’ and relatives’ Timelines whenever you seek for them or click on their name. Rather like your Timeline is all concerning you, theirs is all concerning them: it contains all of their public posts, photos they’ve uploaded, and messages to them.  If your reading page is huddled and you simply need to ascertain on a particular friend, Timeline makes the method simple.

Knowing a way to use Timeline makes it simple to search out things you’ve got misplaced.  If you are looking for vacation photos that your friend denotes last summer, you’ll be able to realize them by attending to their Timeline and scrolling down till you reach the previous year.  Likewise, if you update Facebook oftentimes however cannot bear in mind the precise day of a happening, it is simple to appear through your own Timeline for a post you created concerning it, which can have the date displayed.  Your main page is sweet for maintaining with friends and family within the gift, however with Timeline, it’s straightforward to search out things that occurred months or maybe years gone.

12 stuff you ought to comprehend FACEBOOK TIMELINE

We answer the highest questions on the imminently non-optional Facebook feature.

Facebook yesterday formally declared that over the “next few weeks” it. This suggests Timeline, the reverse-chronological show of a user’s history on Facebook and alternative life events, that replaces and combines a user’s Facebook Wall and Profile, can become non-optional. No specific date was given, and also the language used (“roll out”) suggests that the modification will not occur on one single date for all users, however that batches of users are transitioned on completely different dates.

Before Timeline strikes your Facebook account, there are a unit variety of key things to understand concerning the feature.

Basically, till recently, users were ready to opt-in to Timeline; currently they’ll be mechanically changed. Once you get Timeline, however, you’ll need a seven-day preview amount, throughout that you’ll be able to delete the content that’s on your profile and conceal what you do not need displayed.”

From the time you receive notification that you will be obtaining Timeline, whether or not you would like it or not, you’ve got seven days—or till you hit “publish,” whichever comes first—to check it out in private, before anyone else will see it. You be able to additionally jump the queue and switch Timeline on currently (see “”), however do note that after you switch it on, you cannot flip it off.

I turned on Timeline early, back in Gregorian calendar month, to be told the maximum amount as I might concerning it and place along some answers and tips for folks once Timeline became non-optional. Here’s a outline of what I’ve learned. You’ll be able to additionally take a tour of Timeline within the slideshow, just in case you would like to urge a better look into a number of the written material possibility and alternative buttons while not turning it on.

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