Where can you work as an accountant?

Where can you work as an accountant?

The answer to this question is quite simple: ANYWHERE.

be a public accountant
Counting money used to be the main occupation of accountants, but it has been replaced by consulting.

Accountants are needed in almost every industry, from a small neighborhood store to a conglomerate of multinational companies; All registered companies must file tax returns (annual or quarterly) with the Government, so every company becomes a potential employer.

Specifically, these types of declarations are sent to the State Tax Administration Agency (Treasury) which, incidentally, employs thousands of public accountants to help the government calculate and collect taxes throughout the country, especially during the tax campaign. Rent every year.

In addition to government agencies, many companies need the services that accountants provide: colleges and universities, retail stores, healthcare providers, or even the hospitality industry. Even if they are freelancers, doctors, nurses, lawyers or actors may need your experience to make sure that their tax return is correct.

However, the job of an accountant involves much more than filing a tax return.

Today, accounting firms make the most of their services with consulting. The work has evolved, accountants are no longer simple accountants who make sure that all invoices are issued, paid and filed.

Anyone can use an accounting program to do that, but what most people and almost no program can do is analyze reports and see what aspects of a business can be most financially efficient.

Forecasts, taxes, budgets, payroll reports, audits or financial reports, are services that any accounting company will provide to its clients, which implies that each company has a different need.

In any case, accounting is much more than keeping a simple ledger and today it is still a fundamental profession for the business world. Where can you work as an accountant?

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