What salary does an accountant earn?

What salary does an accountant earn?

The salary of an accountant can vary greatly based on many criteria:

  • Title
  • Position
  • Type of entity you work for
  • Self-employed or employed
  • Experience
  • Specialization (public, financial, general, corporate accounting …)
how to be an accountant
Manual accounting is a thing of the past. Everything has been computerized and some accounting firms have also started using artificial intelligence.

According to the Indeed job portal  , the average salary of an accountant in Spain in 2021 is 19,998 euros net, a salary that can amount up to 25,652 euros gross per year in companies such as Deloitte, or even up to 38,000 in Vodafone or the 50,000 at Airbus.

In Spain, according to the Glassdoor portal, also specialized in employment, the Spanish company Arriaga Asociados is one of the companies that pays its accountants the most: between 52,000 and 57,000 euros gross per year. Not bad, right?

As we say, when starting this salary it is not usually real, but you have to keep the possible earnings: stability, starting your own company, flexibility … These are incentives offered by the work of an accountant, although they are not reflected in the payroll , since they add extra value to the salary you earn per month. What salary does an accountant earn?

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