Where to learn chemistry in Madrid

Where to learn chemistry in Madrid

How Students Learn Chemistry: Where to learn chemistry in Madrid

Before looking for private classes, you have to take into account how classes are developed in school: in secondary school, in Baccalaureate, in vocational training or in university degree. You have to know the type of teacher we have and the demands of the subject .

Private chemistry classes in Madrid: Where to learn chemistry in Madrid

To ensure that we have a good level of chemistry or if what we are looking for is to delve into notions such as atomic structure, chemical bonds, the periodic table or the nomenclature of compounds, private classes are an excellent option. To find a private teacher who teaches private chemistry classes in Madrid , do not hesitate to consult advertisements on the Internet or on the school bulletin boards. You also have the option of enrolling in online platforms , which are pioneers in putting teachers and students in contact.

Learn chemistry in the capital.
Chemistry classes in Madrid. Photo by Alex Azabache.

Other possibilities to receive chemistry classes in Madrid

The EMA (Municipal Schools for Adults)

These establishments are open to anyone over 18 years of age. The school term coincides with the school year of the institutes, begins in September and ends in June of the following year.

Associations to learn chemistry in Madrid

In the capital you can find various associations to learn chemistry: the RSEQ (Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry), Planeta Ciencias or neighborhood associations.

Other alternatives

  • HomEducation : this Internet platform proposes a specific tutor to the student with difficulties who requires support. The HomEducation teacher goes to the student’s home and establishes a personalized follow-up program .
  • Montero Espinosa University Academy : it is a center specialized in teaching the subjects of the degree in Chemistry of the UAM (Autonomous University of Madrid). They update the syllabus every year and the classes are in small groups. They offer face-to-face classes, in which they comply with all security measures, and online classes .
  • Your private classes : if you have difficulties in the chemistry subject, on this platform you can find teachers who propose personalized teaching adapted to you.
  • OF Academy : is a university academy specialized in organic and pharmaceutical chemistry. It has been specially created for students studying Pharmacy at the UCM ( Complutense University of Madrid ) and those studying Pharmacy or Biotechnology at CEU San Pablo University .
  • Online academies : since the arrival of the Internet, a lot of virtual academies have been developed, and now, with the appearance of the coronavirus and the recommendations to stay at home, many more have been created. Some virtual academies that you can visit are khanacademy.org and smartick.es.

Do you want to find an ideal teacher? Just Google ” I’m looking for a chemistry teacher ” and  voilà ! Where to learn chemistry in Madrid

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