Who has to pay taxes in Spain?

Who has to pay taxes in Spain?

“The State has the right to demand and citizens the duty to provide the economic resources necessary to finance common needs.”

As explained on the website of the Tax Agency : «Taxes are amounts of money that citizens are obliged by law to pay so that the State and other public administrations have sufficient resources with which to finance expenses. public ». Therefore, everyone who can must pay taxes. If we want to live in society and maintain the services for the proper maintenance and operation of a country, we all have to contribute as much as possible.

Some taxes take into account the economic capacity of the taxpayer when calculating the amount to be paid, which is commonly that the more you have, the more you pay. Other taxes are fixed, regardless of the economic situation of the citizen.

When we do not pay our taxes, we are committing a crime called tax fraud .

Personal economic returns
Taxes are used to finance countless services. Who has to pay taxes in Spain?

Who has to file the personal income tax return?: Who has to pay taxes in Spain?

In Spain, any person who receives income from work has to file an income tax return, except if the total sum of the income obtained is equal to or less than € 22,000 per year. If we earn that figure or less, we are not obliged to file the personal income tax return unless during that year we have had two payers, that is, we have earned money through two different entities (we have jobs in two companies in the same year, we have been unemployed and later working in a company …).

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