Why do computer training with a private teacher?

Why do computer training with a private teacher?

Diploma courses can be a good way to find a job in the computer world, but accessing a computer school can be difficult. A computer science teacher can help you achieve it, among other things.

It will help you get started in the universe of web development and cloud computing.

Private classes before integrating a degree in Computer Science.
Do not hesitate to go to a computer science teacher to expand your knowledge.

Having a private computer teacher has several advantages:

  • A personalized follow-up : contrary to a computer science degree teacher, a private teacher is there just for you. It adapts to your level, your strengths and weaknesses, to make you progress. The class focuses on you and not the teacher’s program. The classes are regular and you will not be able to hide behind the best students so as not to do the exercises,
  • Prepare your access to a degree in Computer Science: all the aids are good to access this type of degree.
  • An adapted pace : the pace depends on your progress, your final goal and your schedules. Classes can be on weekends or in the afternoons.
  • The choice depends on the student : the teacher you choose depends on your objective and their training: diploma, experience, pedagogy.
  • Rates: range between € 10 and € 40 per hour , depending on your geographical location, the teacher’s travel, your level, the experience of the trainer and the specificity of the classes.

At Superprof, there are almost 4,000 computer science teachers throughout Spain ready to help you.

If you want to take a basic computer science course , do not hesitate to contact a teacher through the platform. Why do computer training with a private teacher?

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