Learn Computer Science from A to Z: 10 Key Stages

Learn Computer Science from A to Z: 10 Key Stages

You don’t need to go to programming classes to know the essentials and master computer science. With a basic computer science course , in person or remotely (by webcam), you can master basic operations such as:

  • Turn on / off a computer,
  • Know the basic elements of a computer system,
  • Create a text document or a spreadsheet,
  • Do a basic computer maintenance ,
  • Easily create a web page,
  • Learn to surf the Internet,
  • Connect an external hard drive and save the data,
  • Connect and install a printer …
Internet utilities.
Photoshop allows you to retouch your family photos, but also to make more exotic montages!

Learning computer science is also discovering the set of modern devices and developing your numerical culture:

  • Make your purchases safely on the Internet,
  • Mastering the Apple or Android tablet,
  • Transfer photos from your digital camera and send them as an attached file,
  • Scan a document and send it by email …

If you master these 10 computer elements , you are already on your own!

For the most motivated / passionate, who want to turn computing into their work ( web developer, specialist in algorithms, web applications or computer security, computer engineer or business management computer …) , there is the option of attending Computer classes with a professional, such as a computer engineer, network expert, or developer.

The related areas are very numerous:

  • programming,
  • infographic,
  • office automation,
  • cyber protection,
  • simulation,
  • automation,
  • integration,
  • graphics,
  • growth. Learn Computer Science from A to Z: 10 Key Stages

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