Word processing on Mac

Word processing on Mac

How to write texts on Mac
Pages, the reference program for Mac word processing.

Most Macs have a powerful processor  (ccr an Intel processor), which makes word processing a breeze. Here are the  main versions and updates of the operating system :

  • Mac OS,
  • Mac OS X,
  • Captain / El Capitan,
  • Snow Leopard,
  • Yosemite,
  • Linux,
  • Cupertino.

Pages is a program that is part of the iWork package , used on MacOS and iOS. It is part of Apple’s trademarked freeware that is  pre-installed on all  desktop and laptop models . As a word processor,  Pages has several functionalities , such as:

  • A text editor with automatic spell checker,
  • An infinite font of characters (with 300 fonts),
  • A tool for formatting data and paragraphs.

Other applications for word processing on Mac or PC are:

  • The essential  Open Office  (or Apache Office suite),
  • OneNote , the Office variant for note-taking,
  • LibreOffice Writer , a free word processor,
  • MacWrite , a dedicated application for the Mac OS environment (paid),
  • SimpleText , a free variant of the Mac OS environment,
  • AppleScript , if you want to script or HTML markup,
  • AbiWord , free program for Linux,
  • Words , another free program included in Calligra (Linux).

So, ready to dive into word processing?

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