The aeronautical sector in Spain demands a large number of very diverse profiles to fill all the positions available in AENA’s network of Spanish airports . With figures that break records every year in the number of passengers and flights operated, the job opportunities when working at an airport are only growing.


Airports arose at the beginning of the 20th century in the United States and, in Spain, starting in 1909, rudimentary airfields with dirt tracks marked with lime and primitive platforms began to be built to allow passengers to board.

Very different from what we know today, such as terminals or land areas, where passengers await their boarding time, with shopping areas, bars, restaurants, rest areas, etc. Or the air zone , the zone of the airport centered on airplanes with its take-off and landing runways, hangars and platforms.

With a record 275 million passengers on commercial flights in 2019 distributed in 46 Spanish airports managed by AENA, the aeronautical sector is one of the most important in Spain and has a great demand for professional profiles to cover all the jobs that generate.

The need for specialists in this area is greater every day, so compared to other sectors the unemployment rate is minimal .

What does AENA mean and what is it?: Working in an airport, what should I study?

AENA is the acronym for  Spanish Airports and Air Navigation , it defines the public corporate identity that manages, coordinates, directs and operates Spanish airports and civil air navigation. Aena is responsible for controlling all infrastructure and facility investments.

The security of the airport system and the supervision techniques carried out are meticulously directed by the professionals who are part of the AENA staff.

Aena’s greatest asset is its human capital . At the end of 2018, it had a workforce of almost 8,500 professionals distributed in all the autonomous communities of Spain, where 90% are workers with a permanent contract.

What are the most important airports in Spain?: Working in an airport, what should I study?

The Madrid Barajas airport is the largest in Spain with a consolidated workforce of nearly 2,000 people. It is followed by the El Prat airport in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca , where they have one of the most significant passenger traffic, with 52 and 29 million passengers respectively.

How can I work in an airport? What should I study?

There are many different positions in an airport . From cleaning staff, security, shop assistants, waiters, clerks, etc. However, to apply for a position related to the main functions and to work at an airport or to work at AENA, you will need specific training .

Professional outings: Working in an airport, what should I study?

Some of the main positions in the operation of an airport are:

  •  Operations Manager (TPO) or also called flight dispatcher . It is a position with a high degree of demand and commitment to air safety. It is responsible for carrying out flight plans, loading sheets, operations Control tasks, etc …


  •  Aeronautical Maintenance Assistant : They carry out auxiliary operations in the aeronautical professional area in workshops and companies in the sector, aircraft maintenance and repair tasks , at an electrical and mechanical level.


  • Air traffic controller : one of the most important positions in air traffic and guarantees the safety of the passengers and crew of the aircraft. Carry out the highest quality work, controlling and directing traffic at the airport.
Air traffic controller


Air traffic controller


  • AENA Administration Technician: he  is in charge of airport management and administration tasks , such as creating documentation, maintaining databases or responding to customer requests.


These are some of the positions that you can choose to work in an airport. The type of position you fit into and the training you need to take to gain access will depend on your profile.

Requirements to oppose in AENA

To apply for one of the AENA competitions, you will have to train in all procedures related to air traffic of passengers and goods.

Taking an AENA competition will allow you to access a stable, well-paid position that allows you to grow professionally by working at AENA terminals .

To pass your oppositions, you must know how they are structured and prepare yourself according to the position for which they are applying.

You will need to have a minimum level in English and properly prepare mock exams to practice your tests and learn from your mistakes. Working in an airport, what should I study?