What is the difference between a master’s, a postgraduate and an MBA?

What is the difference between a master’s, a postgraduate and an MBA?

 There are many reasons why opting for continuous training can help us a lot to evolve our professional career .  It will allow us to improve our CV, access better jobs and be better prepared to face decision-making and problem solving.


Today we can access an infinity of study modalities that adapt to our personal and professional circumstances. At Maestralia we believe that permanent training allows professionals to grow and achieve great goals. For this reason, training after finishing university is a factor that will allow you to keep up to date and that will be a competitive advantage in your curriculum vitae .

Generally, we choose to specialize in different areas thanks to a master’s degree or a postgraduate degree. Master’s degrees allow specialization in different fields of knowledge .


What is the difference between doing a master’s degree or doing a postgraduate degree? : What is the difference between a master’s, a postgraduate and an MBA?


In Spain, university studies are divided into 3 cycles: Undergraduate , Master / Postgraduate and Doctorate . 

In the second cycle we find the  Masters  and Postgraduates, although in some cases we can see that there is talk of “postgraduate” referring to all studies  beyond the degree, this statement is not entirely correct. 

There are clear differences between choosing a postgraduate program and a master’s degree. At  Maestralia  we explain the main  differences between a master’s degree and a postgraduate degree :

  • The postgraduates are exclusively  own titles  of the universities or schools where they are taught, usually college degree is an expert . The masters  can be their own  or  official . 
  • The postgraduate courses offer a  level of expertise  very high in a particular discipline more than a master who  in general  offers a form advanced ation oriented academic specialization or  professional,  but a more multidisciplinary character than a graduate. 
  • The postgraduate courses have a  lower workload , with a shorter duration and less ECTS credits awarded. While the  masters  have a duration of one or two academic years and usually award between 60 and 120 ECTS credits.
  • Some postgraduate degrees allow access without the need for a university degree but demonstrating their professional skills. But to access a master ‘s degree, it is required to have a university degree, bachelor’s or diploma.

What is an MBA?:  What is the difference between a master’s, a postgraduate and an MBA?

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a specific master’s degree focused on business administration and management. This type of master’s degree is aimed at a profile with a previous professional background, which is why it is usually people with a more mature audience than in a more conventional master’s degree.

The main objective of an MBA is to provide the student with all the managerial skills necessary to acquire a global and strategic vision of the company that allows him to lead teams, make decisions and guide the organization towards the achievement of the established objectives.

To access an MBA you will need, in addition to a university degree and previous professional experience , to pass a language test (especially in the case of the international MBA).

International MBA (EN) [IMBA]


International MBA (EN) [IMBA]: What is the difference between a master’s, a postgraduate and an MBA?

Studying an MBA will allow us to access a quality job and expand our network of contacts with professors, colleagues and professionals in the sector. In addition, in the case of being an active professional, we can improve our skills as a manager and our management skills with training that allows us to reconcile with the working day thanks to its Executive format.

Executive MBA [EMBA]


Executive MBA [EMBA]: What is the difference between a master’s, a postgraduate and an MBA?

MBA or Master. Which to choose?

The first thing we must do is think about the objective we seek by expanding our training . The MBA focuses on the management of a company and always thinking about leadership positions and department management, while a master’s degree is more oriented towards specialization in various specific areas, such as a master’s degree in business management, a master’s degree in digital marketing , or a master’s degree in financial management.

On the contrary, if your purpose is to become a director of a department or a company manager, you will need to develop certain skills and acquire knowledge by studying an MBA or Master in Business Administration and Management .

What career opportunities does an MBA have?: What is the difference between a master’s, a postgraduate and an MBA?


An MBA is one of the masters with the most professional opportunities since you will be trained in the most important skills that a great manager must master. Students who complete an MBA program can work in positions such as:

  • Directors / managers of companies
  • Directors / managers of business areas
  • Asset Management
  • Brand Management or Branding
  • Business development
  • Corporate finance



To finish, we leave you a brief summary so that you can assess which is the best training to continue learning and boost your professional career:


PostgraduateWith a university degree or with work experienceSpecialization in a very specific and practical area.Less than one year
15-30 ECTS credits
Expert, specialist or university diploma, certificate of achievement …University expert title
Master’s degreeWith a university degree (degree, bachelor’s or diploma)Specialization in an academic or professional area. Multidisciplinary character.One / two years
60-120 ECTS credits
Official master’s degree, private master’s degree, Erasmus Mundus master’s degree …University Master’s Degree, Magister
MBAWith a university degree and a minimum of previous work experience. Level of English required.Global and strategic vision of company management.One yearFull-time MBA, Executive MBA, International MBA …Master of Business Administration
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