WWE Network now has a free tier: Here’s what you can watch

WWE Network now has a free tier: Here’s what you can watch

WWE Network now has a free tier: Here’s what you can watch
WWE Network now has a free tier: Here’s what you can watch


The pro wrestling organization World Wrestling Entertainment has a streaming service called WWE Network that gives fans access to its content. Now, WWE has launched a completely free tier of that service, with lots of shows available to stream. Here are all the details on the WWE Network free version.

How do I get WWE Network for free?

In order to access the free WWE content, all you have to do is create a free WWE Network account. You don’t need to type in any credit or debit card info. Once you sign up, you can start streaming the free content on any of its supported platforms.

All you need to do after that is head to the WWE Network website or download the app. You can get the Android version from the Google Play Store here and the is version here.

What’s available to watch on WWE for free?


WWE fans will be able to stream recent episodes of the network’s three main TV shows, which are Monday Night Raw, Friday Night Smack down, and NXT.

There are other shows available to stream for free as well. That includes documentaries like The Monday Night War and shows including Ride Along, Table for 3, Photo Shoot, and Story Time. A number of select older WWE pay-per-view events are also available to stream, along with some previous NXT Takeover events. Weekly highlight shows like Top 10, WWE’s The Bump, WWE Now, The Best of WWE, and WWE Timeline are also available to stream, as are episodes of the WWE’s reality shows including Total Belles and Mize and Mrs.

Finally, WWE Network’s free tier has its own original shows. It includes Raw Talk, a talk show that will be available for streaming every Monday night after the completion of Monday Night Raw.


Credit: WWE

Another show that just launched on WWE Network for free is called WWE Timeline. It looks at the history of famous wrestling rivalries, including Bret Hart’s matches against his brother Owen Hart, and more recent rivalries like The Mize against Daniel Bryan.


Credit: WWE

There’s also a new video podcast you can watch called Uncool with Alexi Bliss. The WWE wrestler chats with other WWE stars, and other celebrities, about their sometimes awkward high school and college years, among other topics.

Perhaps best of all, the WWE free tier is also ad-free. That’s right, no annoying commercials to deal with while you watch your favorite shows and events.

Can I still sign up for the 30-day free trial?

Unfortunately, the 30-day free trial for the full version of the WWE network is no longer available. If you want to get the full experience, you will have to sign up for the WWE Network for $9.99 a month.

WWE launches free version of WWE Network

So many matches to watch!


WWE has launched a free version of its streaming service, WWE Network.

From today (June 1) fans will be able to sign up to the WWE Network for free and enjoy more than 15,000 WWE titles.



The Free Version of WWE Network includes new shows such as Raw Talk, which will stream on Monday nights each week immediately following Raw.

There’ll also be recent episodes of Raw, Smack down Live and NXT, as well as select historical WWE pay-per-views and NXT Takeover events.

The free tier will also have some of WWE’s original series, including Monday Night War, Ride Along, Table for 3, Photo Shoot and Story Time as well as highlight shows Top 10, WWE’s The Bump, WWE Now, The Best of WWE and WWE Timeline.



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“The launch of WWE Network’s Free Version is a key component of our company’s digitization strategy and a new way for all fans to be able to experience premium WWE content,” said Jammer Dolan, WWE Executive Vice President of Advanced Media.

“As we continue to reimagine WWE Network’s offering, the Free Version will serve as an effective way to reach a broader group of consumers and allow them to experience the history and spectacle of WWE.”

And if you still need more WWE, you can still sign up for the full version of the WWE Network for £9.99/$9.99 a month.


In March, when most of the world went into lockdown, WWE made a selection of pay-per-views free on the Network, including every single WrestleMania and every Royal Rumble.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Dolan said that offering free content “proved to be a good acquisition strategy for us”.

He added: “Evolving is smart and putting new offers in the marketplace stimulates consumer activity. It gives us a good fan experience.”


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