10 strategies to get better grades in math

10 strategies to get better grades in math

What if we move on to even more concrete things? All those tutoring classes, at home and other lessons in the company of a math teacher, that must be useful for something, right? Obviously have better grades.

But what to do to have a better average in math ?

Whether you are in elementary class, college, high school, high school, university or training, the goal is the same for everyone. Here are 10 tips to improve your math grade :

  • Know a topic perfectly before moving on to the next,
  • Train your memory regularly with math exercises,
  • Always write on paper,
  • Work in a quiet place: room, library, media library,
  • Help each other with the most difficult topics: differential equation, integer, complex number, literal calculus, trigonometry, corrected PAU exams, exponential function, binomial law, normal law, probability, symmetry, fluctuation interval …
  • Write down your solutions line by line,
  • Never use ink,
  • Make a pencil eraser,
  • Don’t study too late at night
  • Feel free to illustrate a problem with visual representations. 10 strategies to get better grades in math

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