The different ways of learning mathematics

The different ways of learning mathematics

To progress in math , students are always looking for new methods . New tools. It is normal: public education does not hold a monopoly on learning mathematics.

Within the public school precisely, there are 2 different methods:

  • By direct instruction : the math teacher dictates his course, writes it on the board and underlines the important parts (or writes them in another color). The student copies passively in his notebook.
  • The active method : students are questioned about the notions they have to assimilate. The theorems and formulas are tested in class during math exercises.
Various ways to learn mathematics.
What if you leave school teaching to discover math in books, online, and through other alternative methods?

Besides that, what else is there?

Private classes allow you to learn mathematics in another way. In the company of a teaching professional or a self-taught trainer (student, engineer …).

These math teachers , easy to find in Spain, can also make you review the classes, offer you their help to do your homework or school support with the lessons: in the scientific high school, for selectivity, the Pythagorean theorem, equations, divisions , physics and chemistry, solve mathematical problems, complex numbers, functions …

Making cards to prepare for exams (high school, university, opposition …) or reviewing math classes is very useful too.

This method of rewriting classes and rereading allows you to learn mathematics faster . The different ways of learning mathematics

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