How to learn math with LEGO?

How to learn math with LEGO?

Do you know LEGOs?

Sure you do, you know, those little nesting bricks that kids use to build things: castles, houses, trucks, cars … Created by the Danes in the 1930s, LEGOs were originally made of wood. Quickly, the founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen, decides to switch to plastic.

The LEGOs at first were only bricks, it took until 1970 to see the first figures appear. A success to this day, as LEGO was, for example, the world’s toy leader in 2014.

Learn mathematics in a playful and constructive way.
You can do anything with these little colored bricks!

But they are more than just toys for children and they turn out to be a great tool for learning math! The rules to fit them allow to work on geometry, symmetry, architecture, calculation, spatial intelligence …

Some interviewers also do not hesitate to use them to hire!

Learning math with LEGO : it’s possible!

As for the teaching of mathematics, they are part of the tools that allow you to learn mathematics while having fun . A pedagogy that has become a trend in math classes. A child will always learn better if he has fun. The experiment carried out by the New York professor Alycia Zimmerman has shown this. He used small bricks to teach various subjects: division, fractions, or geometry . How to learn math with LEGO?

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