4 very difficult math riddles to solve

4 very difficult math riddles to solve

Before reaching such mathematical peaks, it is vital to learn to enjoy mathematics. This is sometimes accomplished through good teaching. There are fun math exercises.

Precisely, when it comes to exercises, there are some that particularly arouse the curiosity of a mathematics student (whether in university, training, high school or school): riddles!

Some great riddles have been solved by great figures of mathematics. As for others, they are still to be resolved:

  • The Egyptian pyramids,
  • The City of Atlantis,
  • The mathematical genius of important figures: Einstein, Newton, Poincaré, Da Vinci, Archimedes, Hawking …
  • The sphinx of Egypt,
  • The Iron Pillar of Delhi …
Learning math is not that easy. It is a language of its own. From a special vocabulary. From hundreds of formulas to learn. Of implications in other scientific subjects: physics, chemistry, biology, natural and social sciences, technology, engineering …
The genius of mathematics.
Could you solve one of these great enigmas?

You have to like all this to be able to solve, why not, one day, one of these 4 mathematical enigmas:

  • The 100 prisoners,
  • The 3 gods,
  • The duck and the cat
  • The mouse and the cat

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