This article is about the number “8656696225537” which is commonly linked with a scam. Many people get calls and the texts from this number and they reported it as a scam on the internet. If you also get calls and texts from this number and want to know further about it then you are at the right place. Read this article from start to end to know further about it.

    What are 8656696225537? Is this number legit?

    The number “8656696225537” is reported to call several times and caller left a voice mail message if people do not attend the call. Many people reported this number for harassment, some people reported this number as untrustworthy, some reported it as a scam and some people reported this number as a dangerous number.

    The reality behind the call

    There are many different opinions about this number and many people share their experience with others on the internet on different platforms and review websites. According to the people, when they attend the calls, they felt the caller was untrustworthy. The reason is that the call is different from other calls. The caller claims to send a document or delivery that has been planned. However, some other people reported this number as an Amazon Prime scam. According to them, the call is pre-recorded, which informs the recipient that their Amazon Prime membership is near to being canceled and the members are going to pay charges to renew it. The caller suggests recipient click “1” to speak with an Amazon agent. The agents are scammers who are trained to convince people about the claim but in reality, they will wipe out their bank accounts by obtaining their personal or financial information.

    According to some victims, the scammers may also try to convince the recipient to download software that will contain malware and virus to access their devices and steal their data. They convince to download software to fix the issues in the accounts. Then they convince the recipient to enter their bank account and they will take their money from their bank accounts.

    According to some users, when you press one after their suggestion, you can be directed to paid rate service call, which will lead recipients to pay high call charges.

    Caller hides their identity

    The above number causes a big confusion among people. Peopledo not know whomthe caller is behind. Some people said that the call is pre-recorded while some people reported that the caller hides their identity. Dealing with scammers is very hard these days because technology where gives us benefits, the scammers also take benefit of it to rob others.

    These days, spoofing technology becomes popular among scammers, which enables them to hide their real identity and act as legit service providers or legal agents from companies. In the case of the above number, scammers also claimed to be from Amazon and claimed people that their membership is going to be canceled. This phone number was spoofed and they are used to make people fool. Their purpose is to get people’s financial information like their bank detail and then they get all their money from their bank account.

    Ways to avoid being scammed by 8656696225537

    Following are the ways to avoid being scammed by the 8656696225537:

    • Do not attend the call

    The best way is to avoid attending the call. Do not pick up the call from unknown numbers like 8656696225537.

    • Block the Number

    If you got calls from this number many times in a day then you should block this number and put it into spam calls.

    • Avoid following instructions

    If you mistakenly attend the call, then you should avoid following the instruction like in this case, the caller suggests people click 1 or download software. Do not follow their suggestion if you want to avoid being scammed.


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