In this article, I am going to tell you about “920-504-3772.” Many people reported that they got several calls and texts from this number so, it may involve in the scam. If you also got calls and texts from this number then you should be aware of the reality of this number. So, read this article from start to end to get useful information about this number.

    Is 920-504-3772 legit or not?

    Many people reported that they get several calls from this number in a day. Theydo not know that the call is a robocall or a scam call. It creates a big confusion among people. There are many platforms or review websites on the internet where people reported this number as a negative number and scam calls.

    This number is a landline number, which is located in Appleyon-Oshkosh, WI. This number is registered with TW Telecom, which may be a telecom agency. Many people conduct a search for this number on the internet but they do not get any true information about the number. It is hard to tell whether the number is legit or not because according to some people, no one responds when they take the call. While at some platforms, some people reported that the caller asked for a donation. On different platforms, this number has a spam rate of 40% or above. Therefore, people are confused that whether the number is trustworthy or not.

    What is the scam when scammers ask for donations?

    Some people reported that the caller behind the call from 920-504-3772 asks for a donation. Therefore, they may be a scam. This could be a scam where the fraudsters pretend to be from a charity or non-profit organization and ask people for donations. They may try to convince people that their donation will be used for good purposes or the welfare of poor and needy people but in reality, they have no intention to use the money for good purposes.

    They use this way to trick people to obtain their personal or financial information like their name, address, credit card number, or bank details, and then may try to steal money from their bank accounts. In another case, they may also use personal information for other fraudulent activities like identity stealing. So, if you get such calls then you should beware and avoid responding to the calls and text messages before determining whether they are from a legit organization or true.

    What ways do scammers use when asking for donations?

    Following are some common tactics that scammers use when they ask for donations:

    • Use pressure strategy

    In this way, the scammer tries to pressurize the victim and create some urgent situation to convince users to take quick action. They do not give time to the victim to think properly and verify their legitimacy.

    • Request Payment from strange sources

    The scammer who asked for donation uses request people to pay from strange and uncommon sources like gift cards and wire transfers. Such payment methods are hard to trace and are used commonly by scammers to steal money

    • Create a fake charity campaign

    Scammers who ask for donation create fake charity campaign with the name, which sounds legit to

    Trick people into donating money. They claimed to be from legit charity and non-profit organizations but in reality, they are not legitimate.

    • Measures to avoid scam

    If you want to avoid falling into a donation scam then you must check the legitimacy of a charity organization before donating. You should research on the internet about the charity before responding to them. Do not take any rapid action under pressure. Take time and verify the organization before providing them with money. You should avoid sharing any type of personal information with anyone.


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