No mo robo

    No mo robo

    We receive many robocalls and telemarketing calls in a day that are annoying and disturbing for us. Robocalls are on the rise and they cause scams. If you are looking for a way to avoid these annoying robocalls and spam calls then I bring a solution for you.

    No mo robo, known as Nomorobo is an app that helps you to avoid annoying and disturbing robocalls and spam calls. If you want to get further, information about it then read the article from start to end.

    No mo robo Overview

    No mo robo is a robocall and spam call blocking app that enables you to easily prevent robocalls. Robocalls are prerecorded phone calls that deliver a recorded message. They are categorized as robocalls because they are automated phone calls that are generated through a robotic system to promote services or products. The voice that delivered the robocalls is robotic. Such calls are prohibited but cannot be easily stopped.

    No mo robo has a strong system against robocalls and telemarketing calls. It detects the robocalls and blocks them automatically before they start to disturb you.

    The history behind no mo robo

    No mo robo is a robocall-blocking app. It is designed by the parent company “Telephone Science Corporation.”The company develops and launches this app in response to the FTC’s robocall challenge.

    FTC arranged a competition and invite people to develop solutions against illegitimate and prohibited robocalls in 2012. They set a prize of $50,000 for the competition that was distributed to three winners.

    No mo robo was released in 2013 in the market and it becomes popular among people who want to avoid robocalls. At first, it was just available for landlines but expanded its services to mobile phones later.

    How no mo robo helps to block spam calls and robocalls?

    No mo robo is an incredible solution for those who get irritated by spam calls and robocalls and want to avoid them. This app is designed to disable and block spam robocalls.

    It received the calls at the first ring and it compares the number with the blacklist. If the number matched with any number in the blacklist or spam number then the app automatically blocked them. If the app finds the call illegal then it blocked the call and your phone stops ringing. However, if the app finds the call from a legitimate number then your phone rings until you take the call.

    If your phone stops ringing after the first call then it shows that no mo robo app takes the call and blocked the number because it is illegal or from a spam number. By enabling the app on your phone, you use the phone as normal. The only difference that occurs due to enabling the app is that it first scans the call and if the call is legitimate then your phone, rings until you receive the call.

    How to activate the no mo robo on android

    If you want to enable the app on android devices then you should follow the steps below:

    • Open the Google Play store and search for the no mo robo app
    • Download the app
    • Open the app
    • If you want to test the app then you can take a free trial
    • Click the “Start Free Trial” option
    • After completing the trial, if you want to use the app then select your subscription plan
    • You can select either a monthly subscription for which you need to pay 1.99 USD or an annual subscription, which is available at 19.99 USD
    • After selecting the subscription plan, you need to enter your phone number to unlock the test robocall features
    • Choose your setting such as Identity or blocked
    No mo robo
    No mo robo

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