Are free methods really effective?

Are free methods really effective?

The shortcomings of the national education system, lead many families to opt for other palliative means that help students to maintain their level or receive some school support. Given this, many wonder to what extent free support tools are effective for learning: how can we learn Spanish or improve our command of the language through a screen? In other words, learning Spanish through a free app seems to be effective only if the student does not have serious academic difficulties or other types of problems, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or dysorthography.

Qualified teachers who guarantee your acquisition of knowledge.
More and more people are encouraged to guarantee their learning with a good teacher.

Applications and web pages have many advantages, as they allow students to access learning on demand, free and without limits. However, it is clear that only a good teacher will be able to fill the gaps and deal with students who face a situation of school failure. Only a qualified and experienced teacher will be able to devise a good follow-up program with the right methodology to help their students progress.

How can you get this support?

Investing in private classes. On the one hand, the student will receive quality, progressive and adapted classes. On the other, you will be supported and guided by a “personal trainer at home” to help you detect your weaknesses and work on them. On platforms like Superprof you will find private Spanish language teachers who meet your expectations.


Compare well the profiles and the rates offered (which vary considerably depending on the qualifications and the experience of the teachers), as well as the type of classes they offer (Spanish for foreigners, language reinforcement, literature classes, etc.). As soon as you find a Spanish language teacher who convinces you, try to meet him in person. Many offer a free first contact class to facilitate that first meeting. If after the first class he convinces you, you already have a new teacher! Are free methods really effective?

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