The qualifications that are needed to give private language classes

The qualifications that are needed to give private language classes

It is not mandatory to have any qualification to teach private language classes . However, they will always help you to prepare, establish a good teaching method and find students more easily.

For example, if you do not want to pass an examination and you cannot find a job in the private sector and you have a Primary Education Teaching Degree or a degree related to Spanish, such as the Degree in Spanish Language and its Literature , do not hesitate to mention those degrees. so that your students see that you have training in the field of education.

Some teach Spanish in academies that teach Spanish classes for foreigners. If you want to direct your career in this direction, you can take a specific Spanish course for foreigners , for example, in any of the centers accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.

How to organize a private language class : The qualifications that are needed to give private language classes

Now that you know how to price your classes and you know some of the studies that will prepare you to be a good teacher, you can start thinking about how to organize your language classes .

The first thing you have to do to prepare your classes as well as possible is to evaluate the level of the student during the first class. Don’t you like your teachers? Have you lost confidence in yourself? If you ask him some questions and give him a short evaluation exam to check his linguistic skills in Spanish, you will be able to establish the objectives that he will have to achieve by receiving your classes.

Second, you will have to know the school program for Spanish Language and Literature corresponding to the level of your students. It is important that you stick to this program so as not to confuse the student and not hinder their learning.

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To be a tutor, you will have to be organized.

The expression school support makes things quite clear: it is about helping the student during their school year (or during summer literature courses ). Private tutors are a kind of complement to the language classes of the school or institute, and you will have to look at the teacher’s observations regarding your student to help him improve.

For example, if you see that the teacher has put him in the homework that he needs to work on his written expression, you will have to make him practice this whole area of ​​the language. Or if a student has difficulties in the morphology and syntax part of the Selectivity exam, you should give them exercises of this type so that they can practice and have a good score on the exam.

On the other hand, you can enjoy some freedom in the teaching method. Apart from doing exercises in dictations for elementary school students or syntax exercises for high school students and other notions that they must learn, you can give your classes a playful and fun approach . Feel free to offer interactive lessons, giving references to the literary history of Spain, Spanish films, art, etc.

Finally, regardless of how often you teach your students (once a week, twice a month, etc.), give them homework for the next class. It is important for them to acquire a good working method and progress. But don’t overload them either, because at school and high school they will also give them a lot of homework.

In addition, to provide your students with a personalized follow-up , we recommend that you exchange emails with them, for example, to solve specific doubts. The qualifications that are needed to give private language classes

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