How to set the prices of your language classes

How to set the prices of your language classes

The first step you have to follow before starting to teach Language is to set the rates for your private classes . It is more complicated than it seems! You just have to check the different teacher profiles on Superprof to see that prices can vary a lot from one teacher to another, depending on various factors.

First, the level of the teacher , that is, your level, influences the calculation of the price of the classes, which will vary depending on whether you are a qualified and experienced teacher, an opponent of a school teacher, a teacher who teaches Spanish for foreigners , a student who wants to earn extra money, etc. Depending on your training, your prices will be more or less high.

The profile of the students is also a factor that will make you raise or lower prices. It is logical: a class for a student who wants to prepare for the Selectivity Language exam will not need the same preparation as a student who is preparing for the doctorate and needs help with their thesis.

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To set the price of your language classes, don’t leave everything to chance!

The teacher’s running costs also play an important role in setting your prices. If you offer classes at home, you will have to travel to the homes of your students. Therefore, you must take into account the transport costs that you will have to face (gasoline, public transport, etc.). For this you have to define the geographical area in which you are willing to give your classes. The purchase of school supplies in general, photocopying expenses and taxes (private classes must be declared) are also operating expenses. If you sign up for a payment platform that puts teachers in contact with students, keep that in mind as well.

To give you an example, at Superprof the average price of a Spanish Language and Literature class in Madrid is € 12. Do not hesitate to consult your city and see the prices offered by teachers who have a similar profile to yours to have a clear idea of ​​what price to put on your classes. How to set the prices of your language classes

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