Best books to learn Arabic language

Best books to learn Arabic language

The books that will allow you to learn the Arabic language. Phonetics, vocabulary and grammar are the key to the program of the Arabic language classes.
When starting Arabic through beginner classes, the book is still considered a useful tool, even on the numerical subject, since learning Arabic takes an effort to memorize the letters of the alphabet.
In the maktaba (library), the center of knowledge, the Arab will have the wind in his favor
This happens by reading written supports. They allow you to memorize Arabic graphemes and fixate on the correct stress, crucial to acquiring good pronunciation.

With books, you can: Best books to learn Arabic language

learn word lists by topic (daily life, transportation, ask the time, destinations, product prices, etc.)
idiomatic expressions that allow you to have simple conversations in Arabic
learn an infinity of common vocabulary words to understand 80% of the conversations.
learning grammar requires practice, practice near Arabic speakers

Now let’s look at the Arabic books to learn vocabulary and grammar

Grammar of the Modern Arabic Language, by David Cowan
Worshipful Arabic: Grammar, Examples and Exercises, by Jasim Alubudi
Classical Arabic Grammar, by Fischer Wolfdietrich
Grammar and Elementary Arabic Texts by Federico Corriente Córdoba
Dictionary Spanish-Arabic, Arabic-Spanish (Collins)
Arabic Calligraphy Notebook 1 and 2, from the Arcobaleno publishing house. It also includes exercises and hobbies in Arabic.
Arabic for Dummies, teaches all about Arabic communication and language, introduces us to its alphabet and grammar, and also teaches a bit about Arabic culture and idioms.
Arabic schemes: grammar and linguistic uses (Francisco Ruiz Girela). These are removable and self-binding tabs. It includes clear and brief diagrams with the structures of the language, its uses or functions, in tables that are easy to understand and assimilate due to their visual impact.
Books are fine, but they tend to be expensive, especially if you are not a member of a library where you can find some of them. You can also learn Arabic for free.
Here, surprise question to see if you have followed the article: how do you say “library” in Arabic?

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