Determine the price of your German classes

Determine the price of your German classes

Setting your salary when you start teaching German is not exactly an easy task.
Some factors come into consideration that will precisely determine our rate for German classes .

Know the market for support classes well: Determine the price of your German classes

Feel free to look at the price that other German teachers are proposing.
That will allow you to get an idea regarding your competition.
Check out the forums dedicated to school support  and check out the online bulletin sites.
Come to one of the academies in your city to find out the price of the classes.
So you can know the market and justify your future rate.
Set your rate in relation to your level of German
When looking at the offers of other teachers, you will realize that  the prices they propose are related to their level of German .
You will also have to take into account the level of your students.
If you teach German to ESO students , the fee will be lower than for a student pursuing higher education.

Define your expenses: Determine the price of your German classes

It would be wrong to think that a German teacher has no running costs.
To begin with, travel expenses are generally borne by the teacher, as private lessons are often held at home.

How to determine your transportation costs to give classes at home?: Determine the price of your German classes

Thus, you will be able to define an acceptable geographical area to teach your classes and calculate your travel expenses in gasoline or public transport.
School supplies (pens, printing costs…) are also considered operating expenses.
Since private classes must be declared, you will also have to calculate your social contributions.
All these expenses will have to be taken into account when setting your rate.

Choose the structure in which to teach German: Determine the price of your German classes

You can also choose the structure of classes at home that suits you best, which will also affect the final price.
You can teach tutoring in German through an ad site.
Some structures like Acadomia ask their teachers to demonstrate three years of experience.
They apply a commission per class hour.
Others do not request any expenses from the teachers.
For example, Superprof does not charge any commission or charge registration fees.

Finding students for your German classes

Now that you have everything you need to write an attractive advertisement and that you feel ready to accompany students in their learning of German, you will have to make yourself known! You need to find students who want to learn German quickly and turn to the internet with applications such as “Free German lessons”, “Intensive German language course”, ” German courses ,” Learn German for free “or” Learn German online “. Don’t teach for free or online, you should attract these students …

Use internet

The Internet is constantly evolving. Nowadays it is necessary to be present if you want to  find students who want to speak German.
So you can sign up for homework help pages online or put your offer on generalist ad pages.
If you feel capable, feel free to make your own website to attract people who want to learn German.
Social media can also help you give private lessons.
Young people are very present in these types of platforms, which can help you find students with some speed.

Expand your circle of contacts in your city

You can go to a Spanish-German center or a German language institute in your place of residence and introduce yourself.
This will allow you to create a small German circle and thus attract a larger number of students .
Also, why not get to know the German teachers from the schools and institutes in your city?
They will be able to put you in touch with students who need to catch up and who are looking for private lessons.

Trust word of mouth

Word of mouth is certainly an old method, but it is no less effective.
Do not hesitate to talk about your new activity as a German teacher in your environment .
Your contacts can be your best advertisement.
When you are having a family meal or a dinner with friends, bring it up.
Thus, if one day they meet someone who needs to improve their level in German, they will  know whom to recommend!

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