Emmy noether

Emmy noether

The Noether ‘s theorem owes its name to the mathematics. This theorem is a central result in theoretical physics since it expresses that “any differentiable symmetry that comes from a physical system has its corresponding conservation law .” Thanks to this statement, an explanation is given as to why there are conservation laws and physical magnitudes that do not change throughout the temporal evolution of a physical system; in addition to allowing practical physical applications.

Likewise, his research not only focused on the field of physics, but also revolutionized mathematics with an inquiry into the theory of rings (abstract algebra), the theory of the body (abstract algebra) and K-algebras .

Amalie Emmy Noether was born in 1882 in Erlangen, Bavaria (Germany). His father was the German mathematician Max Noether. Among his three brothers we find the also known mathematician Fritz Noether and Alfred Noether, a doctor of chemistry. Emmy studied at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg , and was one of two women studying at this university (out of a total of 986 students).

Difficult access to education for women.
Acrylic on canvas depicting Emmy Noether, by Jennifer Mondfrans.

Later, after finishing his studies and writing the thesis, he began to teach at the university from which he had graduated, but as a substitute for his father. Later (1915), he got a position at the University of Göttingen , where he had studied for a semester and where he kept good contacts; but being a woman made it difficult for her to access the position. So much so that during the first years he did not have an official place or charge to teach, so he depended on the family finances to live. It was not until 1923 that Emmy began to charge for her work, by obtaining the chair of algebra.

With the arrival of the Nazi government and being Jewish, Noether had to go into exile and emigrated to the United States, where she would work at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. He died at the age of 53 after the operation of a cyst he had in an ovary. Emmy noether

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